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* Korea Used  Auto Parts for Automobiles( Truck / Sedan / Van / BUS / ETC) 

Engine w/mission, Sub engine, Manual transmission, Auto transmission, Cylinder head. computer Injection pump, Bus air-con compressor, Crank shaft, Connecting rod, Connecting rod & pistion Connecting rod & liner, Camshaft, Oil pump, Water pump, Manifold intake, Manifold-Exh, Tires.Rims Turbochager, Carburetor, Flywheel assy, Cover-cultch, Disc-clutch, Bracket-compressor Pulley-crank shaft, Fan & clutch assy, Fan, Throttle body, Converter, Fuel filter, Dump cylinder Front axle assy, Rear axle assy, Disc & caliper assy, Steering column, Power steering comp.set Steering linkage, Pump-power steering, Cable & shift lever cont. Cylinder – brake master Differential, Torsion bar, Propeller shaft, Catalyst converter, Aircompressor, Steel wheel rim Aluminium wheel rim, Fuel tank, Flexible pipe, Jack assy, Ignition coil, E.C.U, Cassette player Distributor, Combination switch, Antenna, Wiper motor, Regulator door window, Switch power window Air-con compressor, Starter, Generator, Horn, Speaker, Heater fan, Radiator, Aircon evap, Oil cooler, Intercooler radiator, Heater unit, Dashboard, Panel assy ctr facia, Meter gauge Seat belts, Receiver drier, Cabin, Front door, Side door, Back door, Front bumper, Rear bumper Fender, Side grass, Head lamp, Rear lamp, T.C.U, C.V Joint, Air tube blutch, Spring, Roof Side cuting, Bus air-con, Tire, Cam box, Injector, Fuel pump, Auto transmission parts, Converter-auto transmission, Front suspencion complete, Strut % disc assy RR, Lower arm-front suspencion, Steering column wheel, Fuel motor, Actuator idle speed Door window regulator, Front half cut, Rear cut, Nose cut, Bonnet, Trank, Instrument panel Front seat, Lamp-rear comb., Lamp-signal frt, Auto transmission oil cooler, Tire & rim ETC..

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1. Period of preparation :

Confirmation of order is a preliminary procedure. After which,
the company normally requires 2 weeks preparation prior to loading the items.

2. Transportation
a. Land transportation – it takes 1 – 2 days from our company to pier.
b. Sea freight – Asia :about 3 – 20 days (US$ 300.00~US$ 1,100.00)
Middle East :about 25 – 30 days
Africa :about 30 – 40 days (US$ 2,000~US$3,000)
Europe :about30 – 35 days (US$ 1,100~US$1,300)
America :about10 – 30 days (US$ 1,950~US$ 2,550)
Australia :about15 – 20 days (US$ 700~US$ 850)
c. Port – Either Inchon or Busan (Base on Busan, it takes 2 days more if it start from Inchon Korea.)

3. Packing – Utmost care is taken in handling the spare parts.

Packaging options are available to the satisfaction of their client. Their web site may be visited for further information.

4. Mode of Payment – T/T or L/C.

Exporting Manager Edward Lim

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