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10 Commandments for Children's Education in the World's Most Famous Family

1. Never neglect your mealtime. 

-Kennedy Family 

2. Teach your patriotism if you want to grow up to be a respected rich man. 

-Ballenberry Family 

3. Make friends who can make up for your shortcomings and have a good will. 

-Gates Fmaily 

4. Let us know that relationships are more important than money. 

-Roschild Fmaily 

5. Make yourself a study habit that asks a lot of questions. 

-Gongja Family 

6. Mother comes forward and runs a class of children. 

-Curie Family 

7. Create a family business that can be devoted from generation to generation. 

-Darwin Family 

8. Go on an adventure trip with your parents and children. 

-Tagore Family 

9. Make children write a diary daily 

-Tolstoy Family 

10. Find a goal that captivates you and dedicate your passion to it. 

- Russel Family

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