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Movie Mr. Hong

Comedy, Romance / 108min / Released in 2004 .03.12

Would you like to share this man? I fell in love with a crazy guy who is more funny than comedy. No matter where I put it... Shame.!

A jobless neighbor, a job worth coveting, and a man who is in charge of the neighborhood. There is something special about the tall, handsome features, 30-year-old man Hong Doo-sik, who knows nothing and can't do. His three-year absence from the military in particular makes him even more mysterious. Some say that he was a simultaneous interpreter during the Korea-U.S. summit, or a famous singer's bodyguard, and that he swam across the Atlantic Ocean in a single stroke. The man's Hong, who says the ghost is crying, has brought in a lifetime challenge!! Yoon Hye-jin, the unfortunate dentist whose resignation for intimidation has been accepted! A righteous perfectionist, dentist Hyejin. A woman who lost her job after her resignation while protesting for the human rights of a common doctor was improvised. a woman who does not succumb to her thorough medical treatment even though she is called a puppet for it. She represents 10 million drivers and represents millions of victims of sexual crimes, who are eventually denied employment and settled in a small town and started business. He raises the road calendar as a gift, and asks me to clean up the neighborhood while I'm sleeping. He delivers a bowl of Jajangmyeon and takes it back. Whatever he does, he comes up to quarrel. Mr. Hong does a great job. I take care of delivery of jajangmyeon, a part-time job at a convenience store, a snack bar, a live café, and other chores. The man's face trembles wherever he goes. I've never seen a woman who's had such an accident in six years. At a local supermarket, he drew gold on the male bones and smashed a foreign car that would be enough for him to give him a dentist. Even then, the police cars are caught in the police cars, making a big noise. Is the social position different from mine? I've never had such a bad luck in my life. By the way, I keep getting caught in the eye. First of all, this man is good at fighting. It is almost like a matrix. Hong-ban, who saves Hye-jin unintentionally, such a man or woman cannot pass by. And this guy, he's warm. It seems to have a different world. That's why my eyes keep falling. She's making a fuss. It's loud and annoying, but it's as if there's a rhyme, like a bird is singing. I can't help but dig into my mind like darkness falls on my chest at night. For the first time, what I don't have is upsetting.



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