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"Following my favorite things, I started my own business."

Hanyang Road Lab, which is operated by CEO Lee Sang-wook (53), is a group that introduces Hanyang (Seoul) and is one of the companies that participates in the project to support Incubating 50 Plus Center in downtown Seoul. It introduces historical relics, relics and sites that are located all over Seoul and explains historical significance. In a nutshell, Lee Sang-wook, the head of the museum, says, "This is a gathering of cultural asset commentators, Dotsons, history teachers, and historical maniacs."

"I was so interested in history that I often visited the palaces in downtown Seoul, and I met a man named "Gunggullag," who gave me a talent donation as a volunteer guide. I really liked the idea. I participated. But after a while, it was limited to the royal court, so I decided to set up a meeting to expand my scope. So, the name "Hanyang Gil Lajabi" was given to introduce the entire city." In 2014, he opened an Internet cafe, which was his own archive until then, and in that year, he gathered members to volunteer for the first cultural interpretation of Cheonggye Stream. The result is a complete failure. There was no citizen who cared about them even if they would explain it for free. He was still not discouraged. He led members who had been involved in the disaster and held various cultural events based on cafés.

His activities have become known to many people, and he has grown into a startup company through community activities at the 50 Plus Center in downtown. "There are only 2,600 members of the Naver-based Hanyang Gil Lajacket cafe, but they are very active as they are ranked 6th among history cafes. I strictly manage my membership (laughing). Currently, we operate various programs for members to participate in based on online. My goal is to create a place where people who are interested in history can eat, play, and make pocket money." The programs of Hanyang Road Map are largely divided into history studies, Dulegil tours, walking tours, and bus tours. And I visit the scene of history across the sea once a year. The profit business as a company, Hanyang Giljak, is run under a separate program. They include department store cultural centers, travel activity services, and cultural tourism programs for people in their 20s and 30s through social commerce companies. Although each company is hiring customers, it is the structure that Hanyang Gil Rajab is responsible for on-site explanation. As the name of Hanyang Road Map is known, a series of requests for lectures and explanations are being made.

Last year, the center was linked to the 50 Plus Center in downtown Seoul from July to October, drawing public attention by presenting Sejong Village (Seochon). "I've found a way to turn Hanyang Road Map into a non-profit private organization, but it's difficult because the company's appearance such as capital is small right now. So now I'm a private operator. But instead of growing up as a profit-seeking company, I hope to become an institution that can cultivate many cultural commentators to promote our culture. I started my own business because I worked hard on what I liked. If you work with the idea of finding something you're interested in and having fun, you'll be able to follow it on your own."

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