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Movie 300 pund Beauty

Comedy / Romance Released 2006.12.14. 120 min PG13

A trembling secret hidden behind her S line | into her voluminous charm | a total morose | no arms! Is there a secret? Han-na (Kim Ah-jung) is a soft-hearted person who will be able to be loved by a man, even if she is 169 centimeters tall and weighs 95 kilograms. She dreams of becoming a singer in the voice of heaven, the only gift God has given her, but sings instead of the lip sync of beauty singer "Ami. To make a living, he even has to run for a "fonting part-time job" at night. an incessant neck However, what is most troubling is her mind. Han Sang-jun (Ju Jin-mo), the producer of the album and the only person who recognized his musical talent, secretly fell in love with him. Her unrequited love finally got invited to his dream birthday party and showed up with excitement. But since that night, the giant girl has disappeared without a trace?! 169cm, 48kg. Jenny, who has a perfect S-line body that you can't even draw with a Porcelain. It is a real lifesaver for Sang-jun, who will make up for the vacuum left by "Ami," who has disappeared without a trace. The beautiful woman, who was mesmerized by the car accident and forgot to go to the hospital, is as good as Hanna, who has lost her singing ability. However, it is a bizarre act of reeling fish, picking up empty bowls of jajangmyeon deliverymen who fell down, and tearfully moved by the word "beautiful," and devouring what others have left behind. Jenny, who is strangely nice! Her rival, "Ami," sees all this with suspicion and jealousy. She is increasingly feeling threatened by Jenny's presence, and conducting a background check on her unique beauty. What is the secret behind her S line?


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