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Three ‘muscular exercise’ for Seniors

◇Walking correctly will lead enough muscular exercise.

The easiest exercise to try is to walk. Walking to an elderly person is equivalent to a heavy-strength aerobic activity. Walking properly can have the same effect as any other physical workout. Instead of just walking aimlessly, I walk next to him and I walk on the heels of my heels, and I sit down every 10 steps. If you change your movements by lifting your arms or legs high, you can prevent falls by improving your sense of balance as well as exertion. I am interested in walking, which is apt to get bored.

◇ If you have arthritis then walk in the water,

If possible, it is good to find a nearby swimming pool and try out underwater sports. Underwater sports have higher buoyancy and pressure than on the ground, and are thus more resistant to small movements, which can be three to five times more effective. The buoyancy of the water also reduces the actual weight of the joint by 35 to 90 percent depending on the depth of intake. In addition, the space between the joint and the joint allows the elderly with arthritis or disc to try sufficiently. However, in the case of underwater sports, such as swimming, it is not recommended for old people with bad shoulders.

◇In-door exercise? With a chair is okay!

You can exercise your strength indoors as much as you like. All you need is a chair. The following is how to exercise with a chair. First, they either turn their ankles in a chair, or stick one foot forward and bend their ankles. Then, stretch your arms slightly lower than your shoulders and pull your arms out and out as if you were rowing. Put both hands together praying and lift them up until they reach their waist by holding their fists in a high-handed manner Grab your hands behind the chair and lift your heels up and down. Put your heels up, bend your knees 90 degrees, and then lower. Repeat 3 to 8 times on both sides. If this is difficult, there is one very easy way to exercise. You can sit on a chair and stand up 10 times.



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