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I know the exactly what seniors want to consume

The era of "Aging 1.0" that saw the aging population as a crisis has changed to "Aging 2.0," which utilizes aging as an opportunity. Innovative senior business practices from around the world show that aging can be the driving force of the nation's economic growth. A strong elderly population can be a new business opportunity and a foundation for social development. You will be able to meet "a society that can grow through longevity" in person, not in concept. It is expected to provide a counter-invention idea to many who want to take advantage of aging as an opportunity. 

At the age of 100, 50 is the age at which you can start something new at the center of your life. Retirement is out of place. According to a study by Duke University, more than 50 out of 539 successful technology venture startups are twice as many as under 25.  

Senior citizens who understand the needs of senior citizens, who have emerged as major consumers in the aging era, can have a greater advantage than younger people if they do business with senior citizens themselves. Until now, even though Senior Business has been recognized primarily as a consumer, it is possible to become the main player of Senior Business as much of Senior Business. Looking at senior business, which is emerging in the era of "lonality economy," this is a recent example of how Sinier's role is expanding from consumer to producer. 

A senior traveler's club

AirBnB is a shared-economic lodging service that allows locals to rent their own homes to travelers at affordable prices. There is a "Frebird Club," an Airbnb for senior students. The Freebird Club, which was established in 2015 and started operations in September 2016, is a lodging service where a senior traveler in his or her 50s or older can only rent his home or room. In 2017, it officially became a social travel and homecoming club for those in their 50s or older. 

Peter Mangan, the founder of the club, is not exactly a Sino-Korean language. The idea of starting a business came from his senior father. He often saw his father, who put his house in Airbienby for retirement income, happily interacting with senior guests. Afterwards, Sinier was told that if he stayed alone after leaving his spouse, he was so isolated that he couldn't even dare to travel. It's the Free Bird Club that got the idea. In the end, the club has shown a business model in which senior consumers can be better understood than anyone else.  

He came up with the idea that Sinier often owns his own home compared to young people, and that he can earn new income through the freebudd club because his children grow up and have empty rooms. The Freebudd Club offers a variety of services that make it easier to use for Sinier than Airbnb. 

For senior customers who do not check their e-mail more often than younger people, the Free Bird Club sends out reservation information and emergency information through text messages. In addition, some sereniers use the service over the phone because they may not use the Internet. Freebudd clubs receive 12 percent and 3 percent of their reservation fee from travelers and owners, respectively. Travelers are required to submit basic personal information, photos, and ID cards, and homeowners are selected as pre-qualified. Travelers and homeowners can check each other's information through the Freedom Club. 

What's unique is that when a tourist contacts, the owner decides on a reservation. As the number of senior homeowners who accept travelers as friends, not guests, is increasing, it is also playing an important role in resolving social isolation.

Traveler Guidance Service, Berusapo 

Berusapo was established in May 2014 as a Japanese tourist information service company. Masahiro Matsushita, 54, who retired at the age of 54, will meet or accompany Sinier who travels from the provinces to Tokyo, Japan, or visit hospitals. Matsushita, who wants to come to Tokyo, started a new business after getting ideas from many elderly people who are anxious about visiting Tokyo alone due to the heavy traffic. 

It provides services for elderly people who are unable to go out alone from their homes to the cemetery, day-to-day travel services, guided tours to the departure station after shopping at designated locations, and hospital admission procedures and information services. In the early days of its establishment, it was a service that provides help on the direction of travel to Tokyo, but the scope of the service is gradually expanding as users' purposes vary. 

For example, there is a companion service for students who visit Tokyo to take the university entrance exam. It is also a new source of vitality for women in their late 70s who have not been visiting their hometowns for 20 years due to circumstances such as the death of their husbands. On the same day, the service fee will be 1,000 yen per 30 minutes based on the first hour and 5,000 yen.

Female seniuor is targeted and online magazine Living Better 50

In some cases, a female Sinier created an online magazine with a focus on the target and online magazine Livingbedter 5 women's. In the U.S., the percentage of women who are starting businesses is higher than that of men. For example, 10 percent of women between the ages of 55 and 64 started their own businesses in 2010 near Boston, while only 7.5 percent of men of the same age were found. In February 2014, the BBC introduced a program about the founding of female senior artists and introduced female founder Carol Dobel.0  

When she turned 54 years old, she entered the business front amid the global financial crisis in 2008. He started his online magazine Livingbetter 50 in March 2011 targeting women in their 50s who he knows well. Most publications were inspired by the trend toward online change and the growing number of syndicates using the Internet. 

For female readers in their 50s and older who have a strong readership and economic power, various articles and information on health, finance, social relations, travel, fashion, and interior of the home are available online. Many women in their 50s and older are interested in these fields as they are preparing for retirement with their husbands. At first, it was operated as an advertising fee and has been receiving regular subscription fees since 2013.   

As a result, there are many cases where Sinior does business as a supplier or producer, not as a consumer. The biggest reason for these increases in participation is that they understand their needs better than anyone else. In Korea, Sinier is still participating as a producer or supplier only in the care sector. With the baby boomers at the center, we expect more participation in senior business in more fields.

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