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Does Korea Unification so Important?

1. Reunification of Germany...?
West Germany ($15,000 per capita) at that time 
동독(1인당소득 1만불. 물론 환율의 인위적 고평가가 있긴 했지만)의 경제력 격차가 크지 않았다.  서독이 인구는 동독의 4배, 경제규모는 6배 정도인 상황이었고, 동독은 당시 동구권에서 가장 부유한 나라로  전국민이 1가구1차량 트라반트를 굴릴 수 있는 나라였다. (당시 한국의 1인당소득은 그 동독의 반토막인 5천불이었다.)

2. Despite such a small gap, West Germany poured out 3,000 trillion won in relocation spending to East Germany. 
60% of them were welfare spending to raise the standard of living of East Germans. 
이렇게 밑빠진 독에 물을 퍼부었어도  오늘날 동독출신은 여전히 2등국민 오씨다.

3. The economic gap between North and South Korea is now about 57 times larger than that of East and West Germany. The population is only twice as large. 
That is, at that time, the world's highest-ranking West Germans were the world's upper-middle class East Germans. 
Four people shared the cost of one person to raise the cost to 80 percent of West Germans. 
Two South Koreans should share the cost of one of the world's poorest North Koreans. Dozens of times what I'm With half the people to share, do you think Korea will be able to tolerate the fiscal burden that is consistent with the ongoing all-out war situation? 

4. If we raise this fund in taxes, we're going to have to pay for it. 
If we finance it with national bonds, it will end up as an insoluble burden for future Koreans. 
Eventually, the surge in national debt will lead to a light rise in the number of PIGSs in southern Europe. 
부실재정과 남북 공동몰락을 감내해야 한다는 말씀이다. 노력과 행운, 우연이 겹쳐져 얻은 한반도 2천년 역사상 최고의 경제적 번영을 허무하게 무너뜨려야 할만큼 통일이라는게 중요한 일인가?

당장 보육이니 급식이니 다 공짜를 원하며 복지는 더달라고 하면서 세금은 더 내기 싫어 부자증세만을 앵무새처럼 외치는 자들이 이런 전국민의 보편증세를 받아들일 것이라고? 꿈깨시라. (현재 한국의 복지수요만으로도 50%를 넘는 면세계층 서민들에 대한 전면적 보편증세 및 간접세의 대대적 인상이 필요하다. 
Don't just tell me if it's a corporation that's generous because you don't have the right to vote. 
Currently, working-class Koreans are freelancers, and they contribute to the community by paying taxes at a foreign level.)
세계적으로 인구는 적고 자원은 넘쳐나는 북유럽 2개국에서만 시행한 초중고 전면 무상급식을 “애들 밥먹이자는데!” 라는 감성문구로 재정건전성이나 
재원조달방안은 다 팽개치고 표장사 놀음으로 도입하라는 정도의 방만복지를 원하는 한국인들이 과연, “동포들 먹여살리자는데!” 라는 문구에는 귀를 닫으리라 보시는가? 

Unification will soon emerge as a power monopoly of left-wing parties in Korea, 
Politically, we're trying to win 25 million votes in North Korea. 
Argentina will the populist politicians, that doesn't compare such thing as peronijeum  

Even the self-styled working class in Korea is now in the middle of nowhere. 
He wants to boost his life with other people's money. 
Even more so, the demand of the North Korean people with a strong sense of mechanical equality 
If it were more, it could not be less.

Even if you accept discrimination for a moment when you're in the same country, 
In a few years, they demand the same standard of living as the Korean people. I don't think of their contribution, just the same treatment....
But this is an ideal that can never be achieved, so it is just a gift of hell to all Koreans in both Koreas.

5. Political and cultural East Germany is at a different level from North Korea's. 
Even women's rights were higher than West Germany. 
Would you accept the notion that the North Korean people of the world's only new administrative state can easily adapt to the modern civilization of Korea, and that responsibility is just as important as freedom? 
경쟁논리는 ?   노동윤리는 ? 거래개념은 ? 
I heard that you are the same Korean in social conflict, crime rate surge, and low productivity. 
It is YouTube without having to ask for high wages. 

6. Then, what is the best alternative? 
Just like China and Vietnam, North Korea needs to reform its own regime and transform itself from a "road state" to a "normal." 
Why should Koreans pay for it? 
그 비용은 북조선이 알아서 개혁 개방하고 시장경제로 변모하면서 자체 부담하면 된다. 그냥 다른 나라로 영구히 각자 제갈길을 가면 된다는 말씀이다. 

Korea should use the North Korean vessel as a production base and export destination for Korean goods, which provides cheap labor such as China and Vietnam. 

7. German Chancellor Bismarck was negative about the expansion of the colonies. 
The reason was that the economic benefits were little compared to the money spent on investment in the colonial infrastructure. 
In fact, the countries that actively manage colonies such as Britain and France 
Motivational factors were largely attributable to the "national prestige," which was the subject of imperialism and nationalism at that time, rather than economic issues.
(And it's not the only thing that's ever done 
We know very well today the results of Wilhelm II's shovels.) 

결국 영국, 프랑스는 돈만 들고 허세에 불과한, 별 쓸모도 없는 식민지를 횡단정책이니 종단정책이니 하면서 무리하게 밀어붙였고, 그 결과 종합국력에서 독일에 처참하게 발리고 2차 산업혁명에선 미국, 독일이라는 후발주자들에게 자리를 내줄 수밖에 없기에 이르렀다. 

The Japanese Empire alone, compared to the investment cost invested on the Korean Peninsula 
The recovery was carried out in a very small, deficit-ridden. 
요약하자면  발달수준이 하늘과 땅차이인 두 나라 사이에서, 북조선을 억지로 병합해 드는 천문학적인 비용과 불안정을 선진국인 한국이 감내할 이유가 없다. 

북조선에 자원이 있어봐야 경제성 없고 별볼일 없는 수준이고, 한국인들에게 이득을 주지도 않는다. 비용은 천문학적인데 편익은 쥐꼬리라는 말씀이다.

8. There is no law that the same country should continue to be the same country since it was once the same country in history. Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein were all once the same countries, and Germany and Austria were united by German imperialism, but they lived separately.

The Netherlands and Belgium split into different countries in the course of independence. 
Still, live separately. 

한국과 북조선도 따로 잘 살면 된다. 사실 북조선이라는 외국이 잘살든지 말든지는 한국이 신경쓸 바도 아니다. 군사적 위협 ? 그것은 관리가 필요한 현 상황의 문제일 뿐…

The issue of separated families? 
Traveling among non-hostile neighbors is possible at all costs. Why is it necessary to unify the two Koreas?
Should we be united with the country just because our family lives in a foreign country? 
All the problems lie in the closeness and abnormalities of the Northern Limit Line.

I'll take this opportunity to get rid of some of the unsubstantiated terms of North Korea. 
Just call them Chosun or Northern Chosun. 
It's not a PRK or NK in international society. 
The brand value of Korea for nothing by CHOSUN 
I hope that nothing hard will get damaged.

It is South Korea and North Korea, not South Korea and North Korea. 
So it's a global rogue state, and it's an international community. 
If North Korea, which rejects all norms and modern civilization, turns itself into a normal trading partner at the same level as China and Vietnam, peace and prosperity between the two countries are possible enough.

9. 중국이라는  군사대국과 국경을 접하는 것은 종이호랑이 북조선과는 차원이 다른 군사적 부담이다. 그 사이에 완충국가로서 북조선이라는 버퍼를 두는게  
It is also a clear advantage for Korea in terms of defense 

10. 다행히, 얼마전 ‘내일신문’의 조사에 의하면 북조선에 대해서 기성세대는 민족주의적 접근을 하는 반면, 20대는 자유주의적 접근을 하고 있다는 여론조사 결과가 있었다. 이제 통일은 꼭 해야만 하는 부담스러운 당위가 아니라는 말이다.

So if the U.S. and Northern Dynasties play sports, people in their 40s 
The report said that more people in their 20s and 20s supported the U.S. 
(Personally, not only the U.S. but also Japan are much closer and more friendly than the adversary North Korean.) If we try to reunite too hard, 
이 모든 사실을 국민들이 알아야 하고, 각자 지갑에서 매달 월급의 절반을 떼어줘야 할지도 모를 통일이라는 게 과연 필요한 물건인지부터 물어야 한다.

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