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In American frontier history, two young people, in the early 18th century, came aboard a ship and landed in the U.S., a new continent. The two are 'Marg Schultz' and 'Edward' Jonathan. The two men came here to explore a new future in the same way.

But Marc Schultz ponts "I'm going to make a lot of money here, and I'm going to be rich, and I'm going to make money so that I don't know that I'm poor to my offspring."And I set up a bar in New York and worked hard. Eventually, he made a lot of money according to his wishes, and became a big rich man of his time.

on the other hand, Jonathan Edwards saidWhat I came all this way came in search of freedom of faith. Therefore, through a good faith life, we should live a good faith life here, where faith is a free country.He entered the seminary and became a minister.

Years went by. 150 years later, after the birth of the fifth generation, the New York City Council of Education tracked down the two children by computer to find out what had happened. There was a surprising result. The descendants of Marc Schultz, who thought they would make a fortune and make their children well, went down five generations and had 1,062 children. The offspring, however, were 96 children who lived in prison for more than five years, 65 children who became prostitutes, 58 mentally ill, 460 illiterate, and 286 people who could not write their own names. Their offspring have been able to extort $150 million and 180 billion won from the government.

On the other hand, Edward Jonathan, who cherished faith and came to America in search of freedom of faith, established the famous Princeton University in his day and went down five generations to spread out 1,394 descendants. Among the descendants were 116 missionaries, including the president of Yale University, 86 professors, 86 teachers, 76 soldiers, 80 high-level officials, 75 literary workers, 73 inventors, one vice president, governor of the upper house, and 286 senior assemblymen. The total number is 816 in total.

What is surprising is that the family has made a great contribution to the development of the United States as a tax and leader to the country and has not squandered any government property. What does the study mean? The best legacy of the heritage is not property, but the legacy of faith in the truth.

It is by no means wrong for parents to leave a large fortune to their children. That must be expected. However, the problem is that I have to think about whether the legacy will be a blessed one for my descendants.

Today most Koreans are trying hard to make money and leave it to their descendants. The result, however, is that the inheritance can ruin the children and rather be the seeds of misfortune. Wouldn't it leave behind such spiritual heritage as 'belief and love' and 'honor and respect'?

There was a rich merchant in a village. He was very gracious and generous. He was always willing to trade generously for small gains, and to give to the poor.

So the number of people who were dealing with him went on increasing day by day. He was respected by many people. "He is not a man to do business, but a man to be a prime minister of this country," he said. He wasn't rich at first glance. He was an ordinary peasant in terms of dress and spending. However, he was actually a well-known rich man.

He had three thick 'express books'. It contained the names of all the trades of some size. A great many people came to him and bought things on credit. Some people even said, "If we collect all the money from the people in the books, we will be able to buy half."

But even the richest man was helpless before the coming years. After suffering from illness, he finally called in his three beloved sons and left a will. As he breathed his last gasp, he gave his sons a word of "criticism" and died. It was, "Don't look into the account book, take it out of the East and burn it."

The father said, "The children should not be handed over to them, but burn them to the ground." However, they were so well-known that they burned the account books in compliance with his father's earnest will. All the people gathered in the village outside the East, with their tongues out, praising the father's sons!

The merchants, fascinated by the grandeur of their sons, not only did they repay their sons for all their debts and credit, but they also made more deals than their fathers did. All of his sons were subjects. It was only then that the sons learned the deep meaning of their father. What the father wanted to pass on to his beloved children was not only property, but also fame and respect.

Parents all want to pass on something precious to their children. However, their lives change depending on what their children receive as an inheritance. Why don't you pass on the great legacy of faith and love and fame and respect?

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