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The invention of the Japanese doctor, vascular rejuvenation in seven days!

Professor at Tokyo University and the the director of Toko Ikedani hospital, Dr. Ikedani Toshiro

Students, employees, housewives, and senior citizens can run for a minute on the spot at any time. 

If you do this three times a day, the blood circulation goes well, making your blood vessels as young as nine years old, and strengthening your bones and muscles.

This is the main story of a book titled "Living Healthy by the Power of Blood Vessel" written by Dr. Ikeunani

Skin loosens, arms and legs do not move well, internal function declines, memory declines... When the blood vessels are aged, the symptoms of aging occur no matter how old you are. 

If you manage your blood vessels early enough, you can get rid of these symptoms.

A. Don't let the vascular aging go any further!

1. When blood vessels are mutated and hardened, their activity is reduced.

High blood pressure, diabetes and hyperlipid symptoms accelerate the hardening of the blood vessels. 

On the contrary, hardening of the arteries causes high blood pressure and leads to a vicious cycle.

Second, if the blood vessels are clogged, the memory is impaired.

When the arteries become clogged, necrosis and function decline occur in organs and limbs that send blood. 

A chronic lack of blood transfusion causes yawning, memory loss, loss of energy and concentration.

3 If there are spots on the parietal arteries, the function of the heart is degraded.

The osteoarthritis is a local representation of whole-body arterial hardening because the arteries are narrowed.

Patients with the disease often suffer from various diseases, including hardening of the head and heart arteries, and hardening of the lower extremities.

4. It's hard to stand upright in a vein.

Veins are caused by a number of factors to long-term fitness workers, and professional long-term standing workers (teachers, traffic police, salespeople, barbers, chefs, etc.). 

This disease makes it difficult to stand or walk.

Vascular epilepsy and aneurysm lesions result in swollen limbs or targeted venules.

5, Aging blood vessels cause the human body to deteriorate.

Many functions of the human body are degraded when the vascular functions of a specific area are aged. 

For example, cervical arteriosclerosis causes a cerebral hemorrhage or cerebral infarction, which can lead to a pleural fluid and lead to a life-threatening death.

B, then how do you manage your blood vessels properly and early?

Dr. Ikedani points that running exercises at the spot bring about blood rejuvenation in just seven days.

Many people think wearing the uniform and take the time of exercise about an hour or half at the gym is effective. 

Conseuqently, people don't do the exercise because they don't have enough time. 

If you don't move in a sitting position, your blood vessels willbe aged, which can lead to disease.

Dr. Toshirō has developed over 30 years of experience, and one minute of exercise without needing any instruments can reach health goals and reduce blood vessel age, effectively preventing cardiovascular disease.

This is called Standing Jump exercise.

This gymnastics can be done in just a little time and not much space is needed.

Everyone can share 1 minutes each time and do it three times a day. 

After a week, the age of blood vessels will be reduced by 9 years and bones and muscles can be strengthened.

Standing Jump exercise is currently popular in Japan 

Many Japanese women are said to be in good health through this exercise.

C, how you can do running Standing Jump exercise?

First, relax your shoulders and move your arms naturally. 

Tighten the abdomen and stretch out the chest and run on the edge of the foot. 

Do it three times a day, one minute each time.

This exercise accelerates blood circulation in the body, restores nitric oxide in the blood vessels, and expands blood vessels.  

Therefore, diseases such as arteriosclerosis and myocardial infarction can be effectively prevented.

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