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A middle-aged man in his 60s who is actively changing about sex.

In Korea, people in their 60s find social and economic stability and actively take care of their health with the greatest interest. "Life from 60" is not simply a comfort to the parties in their 60s in Korea. In fact, they are 'heartbroken youth.'

However, it is not easy to live in your 60s in Korea. The multifarious problems faced by people in their 60s are not only psychological problems such as the economy, health, family relationships, and in particular the sense of dejection resulting from loss of roles, but also gender.

Korean society does not recognize the sexual desire of the elderly. People in their 60s never approve of it, but Korean society tends to regard it as an old man from their 60s. When one becomes an old man, one considers sexual desire to be extinguished, and when an old man reveals his sexual desire, he blames the old man with expressions such as "happy," "not responsible," and "harsh." In the 21st century, sexual ethics in Korean society have become more open to the public, but as far as it is concerned with the sex of the elderly, it has not changed from the past.

"Being loved and loved is a basic desire regardless of age. However, most young people are apt to think that sex in old age is impossible, and question whether elderly people are so interested in it and capable of doing it. However, the number of grandfathers over 70 is soaring, with urinary treatment and women well over their menopause receiving anaustrophobic treatment.

As the aging process progresses, all human biological functions slowly degrade. However, sexual desire is one of the longest-lasting abilities of many declining abilities. The medical community concluded that if there is no such disease as diabetes or high blood pressure, the sexual response will be maintained until the age of 90.

According to various research results, 89.4 percent of men over the age of 65 have a normal sexual desire and 62 percent of senior citizens between the ages of 66 and 70 have sex more than once a month. It can be seen that people over 65 have relatively moderate sexual abilities.

It is clear that the sex issue of the elderly will emerge as a major topic of future society ahead of the aging society. However, the closeness of our society, which even mentions the sex of the elderly, can negatively instigate the disorder of the elderly and harm the health of the elderly.

"However, there is something more important than this social atmosphere. It is the will of an elderly couple who are directly involved. You can lead a natural sex life when both couples share open thoughts and benefits about sex. A close and intimate relationship cannot be established without either person or each other feeling burdened by sex and without basic mutual respect and affection between the two. Planning and trying to make sex a desirable sex life in old age is quite valuable.

Sexually impaired people in their old age are mostly caused by a lack of natural sex response, resulting in mental and physical conflicts between couples. However, if the physical changes caused by aging make it difficult to actually have a smooth sex life, there are many treatments available. Women can be cured by hormone supplements, and men can treat erectile dysfunction by using medications, injections, and prosthesis surgery. In other words, gender dysfunction can be solved in a variety of ways if couples have mutual will and efforts to actively enjoy the sex life of their old age.

In fact, the sex life of old age is quite beneficial. Sexual activity inhibits the progress of aging, dementia, and forgetfulness, and in particular, endorphins, which are released in the brain during sexual activity, are effective in treating depression and depression of the elderly. The secretion of immunoglobulin not only gives physical benefits such as increasing immunity, but it also helps emotional health by confirming love between couples.



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