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How to sleep and wake up

The mind must go to sleep before the body can fall asleep.

1. Loosen the muscles. When sleeping, it is better to lie down on the left side, but bend both legs to relax the muscles. When you sleep in this position, you digest well even during sleep, and you don't put pressure on your heart, so your blood circulation is good. ​

2. Never get angry before you go to bed. The process of falling asleep can be seen as a process of losing body temperature and blood pressure. However, if you are angry or worried, your body temperature increases and your blood pressure increases. After all, anger is an enemy who can't sleep. ​

3. Lie down in bed and don't worry. It's hard to wake up and fall asleep when you're worried. Also, Oriental medicine is said to be a "hwasher" due to growing anxiety.

4. Don't do anything other than sleep in bed. Doing other things, such as lying in bed reading, watching TV or saying, breaks the equation of "Bed= Sleeping". When you lie down in bed, you should inform your body that you sleep. ​

5. Don't eat before you go to bed. When you eat, your stomach starts digestive activity and moves to the intestines to absorb it. Therefore, eating food before bedtime causes the autonomic nervous system that moves the stomach to move continuously. In short, you can't get rid of your tiredness. ​​

6. Keep your hair cool all the time. The head is a place where the energy of the sheep is gathered, so keep it cool. Cooling your head prevents you from becoming lucid and headaches. ​​

7. Don't sleep with your mouth open. During sleep, the saliva becomes less salty. When you sleep with your mouth open, your mouth dries up and you run out of water near your heart. Most people who sleep with their mouths open have problems with their noses. ​​

8. Don't cover your face. Covering the bedclothes at the head end of the bed causes problems due to lack of oxygen.

9. The covers must be covered. In dragonflies, it is important to keep your body temperature intact. As a person's body temperature falls when he or she falls asleep, make sure to cover the bed to protect it.

10. The height of the pillow should be 6 to 9cm. The weight of the bedclothes is 4 to 5 kilograms, but it is better to have 2 to 2.5 kilograms of bedclothes that are soft

So, when you wake up after you sleep,

1. First, when you wake up, stretch your arms out over your head.

2. And if you feel the heat by rubbing your palms together quickly, you can feel a pleasant sensation by rubbing your face with both hands. ​​

3. Now you get up with your quilt, thank you for the beginning of the new day and start your pleasant day's schedule to feel very good.

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