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Post-retirement start-up, cross with a young man not his age

Take advantage of the young people's ideas.

A generational convergence can be a good opportunity for retirees who are thirsty for start-ups or middle-aged people who are about to retire. Middle-aged people with experience in corporate work have excellent expertise and networking in management. However, there is a lack of sense of reading trends. Young people, on the other hand, have a sense of seizing new era trends and creating opportunities, but lack capital or managerial expertise. It is difficult to succeed in a business with an idea alone. They must raise the capital they need, and technical and managerial expertise is essential. That's why inter-generation convergence can be a powerful condition for the success of the start-up. In particular, there are many retirees with excellent technical skills. Unlike many young people who are frequently transferred, they can contribute to the company with stable work, and their coaching and support can be a strong prop for young people who are looking for new opportunities to start a new business. In addition, the government's chances of success are raised as well.

Check each other's needs rather than rosy hopes.

The key to the success of the generation convergence business depends on the selection of partners. To choose the right partner for me, you must first consider the form of the combination. You can find an ideal partner by thinking specifically about whether to combine capital with ideas, whether to combine experience with technology, whether you need personal connections or management know-how among experience assets. Also, we need to examine carefully what we are asking of each other and what role each of us can play before rosy hopes. Partners have various types, including family, strangers, work seniority, and priestly relationships. It is ideal for a labor-intensive self-employed business to be with family members, and it is better to combine them with those who are fully capable of the required fields, even in unfamiliar relationships, in areas where professional skills and managerial skills are required. However, special care is required when combining with strangers. They should thoroughly check their identities, check their past history, and check their reputation if necessary. The working-age relationship is an ideal combination for the founding of one's career, because one can understand each other well in business. Recently, there have been an increasing number of cases of priesthood. A representative example is Ernest Tee, who succeeded in starting a business with "honesty" and "trust." The company was created by teachers and students sharing their mission to make healthy, healthy drinks. Barry Nailbuff, a teacher at Yale School of Business, is a game theory expert who wrote "The Birth of Strategy." He excelled in the advisory role of disciple Seth Goldman, who lacked business experience, and contributed Ernest Tee to writing the success myth. 

Don't be an expert. Be a helper.

Genesis convergence works well in theory. However, there are several preconditions to consider for success. First, the two generations of 'mind' conjug When consulting in the field, middle-aged people and young people often find themselves hanging around like water and oil. When asked why, they say they have different tastes and do not communicate. In particular, older people are often not flexible in their thinking, such as trying to be treated by younger people. There are many cases where personal feelings other than work are involved, making business difficult. This is more frequent in family founding. They see their partners as family relationships, not business relationships, and treat each other so comfortably that they face more conflict. This conflict arises because management is not transparent. Keeping the purpose of the business and the principles of management can reduce many problems. Adhering to the management principle is because it eliminates room for personal thoughts and emotions to intervene. Second, we should create a system to reduce conflict before starting a business. Clarify partner and business processes, comply with the rules that must be followed, and make no exceptions. In particular, when your family is together, let's be clear about your absenteeism, roles and responsibilities and make sure you keep them. Only then can the rules be prevented from being ignored.
Third, if necessary, the separation of investment and management is also considered. Even if I have invested heavily, I should not be involved in operations when it is not directly helpful to the management of the company. It is desirable to hold positions such as "chairman," " vice-chairman" and "vice president" as an elder, and take duties such as management advice, organizational management, and foreign operations rather than being vaguely involved in the overall work of the company. To improve the benefits of the convergence of generations, it is better for the parents to take charge of managing the organization, including entertainment, marketing, sales, planning, and research and development. Fourth, the parents' generation should not be a cross. Past idle talk or nagging intergenerate coalescence. Even if they started a business together, they should show that they are working together rather than giving orders and giving orders. Fifth, let's keep in mind that the generation-converged start-up is also a form of partnership. No matter how close the relationship may be, it is better to set up the equity relationship, decision-making authority, rules to be followed, their role, distribution of profits, and conditions to terminate the contract and write-off. The same is true of family members. At work, he is not a family, but a business partner or colleague. Sixth, you shouldn't look at the future too far away and invest It is not easy to collect the principal as the time period for investment returns is Therefore, when investing, the business model and the ability of young start-ups should be well checked.

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