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Movie Warriors of The Dawn

Korean Drama 130 Minutes 2017 .05.31 Released

When the Imjin War broke out in 1592, King Seonjo entrusted the young Gwanghae (Yeojin-gu) with a "harmony" to divide the adjustment and take refuge in Uiju. The Gwanghae and the Bunjo, who gathered their soldiers instead of the king and went to the far-reaching river to fight the war, are leading the opposing forces that feed on behalf of the other people's army. The head of the opposing forces, "Tow" (Lee Jung-jae), and his colleagues risk their lives to get back to Kwanghae safely and to make a ball and repair their ill-fated fortunes. But as the sacrifices escalate in the Japanese army's pursuit of unknown assassins and the crown prince, the conflict between them is deepening.



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