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Senior Business Success Story "Try Your Own Experience and Your Own Assets"

When you reach your 40s, you can look back on your life and think more seriously about your future life. That's why more people are looking for new breakthroughs in life by starting their 40s. Kim Ga-nam, 53, who runs many shopping malls specializing in chemical products, including( and Ezel Mall, Chilpanet, Pantone Net, Jeju Mall, and붓 has come up with the idea of starting a shopping mall for the first time. "It was eight years ago that we first opened the studio. I was about forty-five."

In a different sight, even if it's the same item 

When Kim opened the company's Hua Bang Net, the capital of the start-up business was around 50 million won, including office expenses, labor costs, and product purchases. Unlike other shopping malls, sales steadily increased right after the opening, which could ease the burden on funds early on. "I think that the name "Hwabang," a combination of the Internet's "net," was immediately effective for those who needed art supplies. Just by name, you can easily tell what this shopping mall is like." 

While ordinary shopping malls simply show product photos and product manuals, Hua Bang Net has introduced a new method of adding video together showing how to use the product in the process of painting. This is a free video class that teaches students how to draw pictures through products, not-so-free video class that teaches how to draw pictures through products. "We could do it because all of our employees majored in art. We've tried it ourselves, sold only quality products, and used it ourselves, which has made our customers more confident and our products more popular." 

Thanks to him, the brand is now the most recognized and highly profitable among professional art malls. Although he managed the mall relatively early, Kim advised those who dream of starting an online shopping mall to think about it one more time and challenge it.

"You have to have your own. We can't survive the competition unless we're thinking about which items to choose and how to access them." 

As the number of items that are specialized in art products such as easel, chilpan, panton, system, and step increases, the number of items that are specialized in shopping malls is also increasing, the result is that customers are thinking about the convenience of finding the products they need. For customers who want to buy good products at an affordable price, some products, such as "calapia brushes," have been sold directly, reducing the distribution structure from wholesale to retail, thus lowering the price burden. "If it's the same as anyone else, it's only the price to compete. Based on your experience, try it in ways you can only do it." 

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