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10 Commandments for a Beautiful Elderly Life

The beauty of old age is neither in appearance nor in wealth nor in honor. It's a relaxed attitude, a sense of transcendence, and a sense The dignity of an old man is his belief in the devotion of his family and society.

1. You must be able to be independent of your children. Not only should the child be free of the burden, but they should also be independent without burdening their child. If this is a matter of money, you'd better be prepared from a young age. An old age that meets without preparation is lonely and lonely.

2. But money isn't the only thing preparing for retirement. You must plan and prepare in advance what you will do with your retirement, or how you will live in old age. One or two hobbies that can fall into a trimester are recommended.

3. Create relationships that can be enjoyed and happy together. Oneself can be convenient but not happy. Good relationships are a measure of happiness. Make your family relationship smooth. The first is the spouse, family, and friends.

4. You must stay healthy. Everything is pointless if you don't do the body and mind health.As health should be cared from young age.

5. Find peace and empty your mind. Think positively. Always be happy with the bright side of the world. Don't be caught in a dark and unhappy corner and dragged Remember there's always a bright sun out there.Sadness and joy depend on one's mind. Throw it away and forgive. You can never be happy if hatred is in place deep in your heart. It is also the benefit of being old that can forgive others.When you face death, there's nothing you can't forgive.

6. Remain a neat old man. From the scattering of body and mind will keep the pride that does not prevent the loss of dignity.

7) Remain as student even when you are old. You will always remain a young man unless you lose interest in new things. The old thing passed. New knowledge It is life that new days endlessly continue. Life is a pleasure unless you lose interest in it.

8. Service and participation. Don't be stuck in a room, come out into a bright society. I am old enough to realize that what is good for me is not the only thing that is worth it. Serving is a small help to others, but it is more rewarding to those who serve.

9. Find out what you want to do. Who spends money like water when work is interesting but what it is not forget that there is another fun, too. Not there is no joy in life that I have no money. We should get out from the clutches of money. Once you find is how to can be fun without money.

10. Tour as much as you can he real meaning of travel is a tedious daily exodus. Travel is always a new experience for the elderly and children. Traveling in old age is good because it can bring new impetus to life.



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