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For all middle-aged, we have a gracious D-line.

Kim Dae-hee was born in Busan in 1972. Even now in his mid-40s, he is a young man who works with young people to start a vigorous start-up business, while he is a man who gives his elders the advice of "Be proud of his D-line with his own glamour." Feeling "something wriggling inside" while he was working at a regular company, he launched his IT infrastructure business with "money" and now serves as the head of "Hui Nam" under the Daily Intelligence, the financial infrastructure division of the Daily Financial Group.

How did you start your business? 

At first, he worked in IT infrastructure. In the meantime, when his position was elevated to a higher level, he started his business with a small sum of money. The first project was also an IT infrastructure project, which was an equipment maintenance and manpower project. Since then, he has been in the office for almost a year and a half, making a small corporation by himself. While working on one business or another alone, a close college junior and current co-chairman Kim Dong-hwan proposed the project and worked together in 2011.

At first, I worked at random, but I decided to take a long breath. The result is the Ispider. However, the mayor's response was cold and personal difficulties were numerous. I was sorry for my family and I couldn't pay my employees, so I invited them to have a cup of coffee and asked them to give me some of their pay later. In the meantime, the company suffered a series of ups and downs and became involved with Yellow Financial Group (now the Daily Financial Group). 

-Is the start-up the exclusive property of a young man? 

t's not unique, but I think it has a lot of advantages. You must admit that you have to admit it from the standpoint of older age. First of all, I envy the cheerfulness of being able to move lightly, such as courage, stamina, speed and diversity. Young people will naturally be afraid of failure, but the additional risks posed by the failure will be lighter. In addition to physical problems, understanding new technologies is much faster, and unlike rigid education and social culture in our generation, understanding of diversity and convergence seem to be good. In particular, it is far more advantageous than the elderly to design long-term plans for technologies that will lead the fourth industry.

But the attraction of startup is that there are many other areas besides the size of the market and capital. The visible market of the elderly, who have been active and experienced in the market for a long time, is clearly present and will become very realistic in the field of business feasibility analysis. 

It's a personal idea, but in the case of the elderly, it's better to be strong than the young. Considering the characteristics of the older generation, I think we can give higher scores than the younger generation when it comes to stable business plans and promotion.

The know-how of fusion in experience is a key weapon for the elderly. I think the depth of the market and society is better than the youth, but there are some concerns. This is because you can get wet with rigid thoughts.

Age doesn't necessarily have to be represented by disparaging words such as "old age" or "old man." Wouldn't it be nice if you could entertain your uncle, aunt, aunt, aunt and aunt by offering kindness or solidness you can give through D-line? 

The force of the organization and capital may be from the rules, but think can be a bigger power in relationships. And the flavor, of course, as some of the line at the end of this part is the elderly are among the young enough that it's got to be leading and businesses as you can do to my advantage.I think it can transform. 

-What do you want to say to an older man who's about to enter the start-up? 

Most importantly, you should make sure that your family understands exactly what you are trying to do and seek consent. And it should come up with a very realistic home economy. It's the worst part I've ever done, and the flow of money is fast when you go out and very slow when you come in. The fact that payday comes so fast and the deposit date is so far behind also causes anxiety. 

You have to exercise every day. It is now common knowledge that working with young people requires a stronger spirit and stamina. Finally, get as much support as you can for the startup. If he had put his retirement in front of him, he would still have a long experience and personal network. Of course, it should be used. 

Let's all cheer up. The desert is beautiful because there is an oasis somewhere.

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