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Food steeped in the prevention of Suspended Particulate Matter

1. The zinc content in mackerel and mackerel prevents heavy metals from accumulating in the human body. In particular, omega-3 fatty acids, which are abundant, help relieve inflammation of the airway and improve respiratory and lung.

2. Water parsley and water parsley are effective in releasing heavy metals inhaled in the human body through smoke or fine dust. It can also release toxins and cleanse blood.

3. Seaweed, seaweeds, as well as seaweeds, are effective in releasing various toxins absorbed by the human body through fine dust. In particular, the alginate content in the sea is effective in releasing heavy metals inhaled through fine dust and helps clear blood.

4. The spicy taste of garlic and garlic is caused by alicin, which improves bronchial inflammation. It is said that one must chew enough when eating to maximize the effect of aliacin.

5. Tannins in green tea also help release heavy metals, improve immunity and control carcinogens. However, tannin reduces the absorption of iron, so it is recommended to drink it 30 minutes to 1 hour after meals. ​

6. Tangerine, tangerines are not only good for relieving coughs, they are also effective in preventing micro-microbial activity in the particulate It contains a lot of good ingredients, so don't throw away the tangerine peel and dry it before eating it.

7. The luteoline content in the stomach is effective in stopping phlegm and coughing, as well as relieving inflammation when the sides are swollen. Since the pear is also rich in luteoline, it is recommended that you wash the skin thoroughly and eat it together.

8. Eating food on water is good, but the easiest and most important way to help discharge fine dust is to induce waste from the body by consuming enough water (water). Drinking enough water also helps to make the bronchial mucous membrane moisten and act as a filter to protect the respiratory tract.

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