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My mighty princess

평점: 7.3/10 122 분 / 로맨틱 코미디 / 2008

A four-dimensional and four-year-old club called Sohwi, the best expectation of a forest that has been handed down as a legend, even if the hammer falls on its head, and drinks soju in a bowl! 
That year when she became a beautiful college girl, she thought martial arts was the greatest brand of her life, and she declares that she will become a self-made woman who will never lose her heart to charisma Junmo and learn martial arts anymore! With this unrequited love, her childhood friend and martial arts motive, Il-young, comes to her and begs her to do the martial arts again. 
When troublesome problems erupt here and there... A black criminal who's the best enemy of the group appears to be the father of Sohwi, and the forest is in its greatest crisis.

The greatest crisis in the forest and the secret that one and two are revealed.
The biggest ordeal of Murim Women's College begins to save her first love.



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