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Successful middle-aged male, perfect male, loss of morality in Superman's syndrome.

A 49-year-old CEO who used to run a mid-sized company was sentenced to prison terms while in and out of the police station after receiving a report from his secretary that he sexually harassed her. The case seemed to be closed by paying a large amount of settlement, but there were too many lost. It had to come down from the registered board, followed by a compensation suit from the merchant and client, and also had to hear disgraceful words from executives and employees and their subsidiaries regarding the tarnished image. Above all, it was the cynicism of his family that he was cornered.

In particular, the daughter announced a break-up of her relationship with her father, and the wife said she would file a divorce suit. He was once known as the epitome of Sang-kyung and self-made men without any money. Why did he do this deviation, which seemed to be at the pinnacle of success? It is not just the case of Mr. A

Once a leading presidential contender, a bureaucrat named No. 2 in power by taking the top post at Cheong Wa Dae, a self-made CEO who has posted his office in southern Seoul with stable operating profits every year, and a third generation of chaebol, which had a reputation for supporting art activities, also fell into the abyss, decorating the newspaper's social scene.

In terms of appearance and conditions, they are the role models of the so-called "excellent middle-aged men" who might be enviousness around them. However, it is easy to see them fall to the bottom overnight due to their involvement in a recent scandal involving an unexpected affair and a lingering dispute. However, it is not without a wife or family. There were even those who were always in the middle of a good talk due to have a good family. How should we see the loss of wealth and honor in a moment? Even those who know better than anyone know that the problem will become serious. Experts in psychiatry, psychology and business administration were asked to analyze why this phenomenon is happening.

▶Diagnosis 1 | Would you mind if you make affair? 

Various Analysis of Atlas Syndrome and Compensation Psychology

In the psychiatry sector, they tend to approach them as a form of syndrome, or pathology. Atlas syndrome is a case in point. In Greek mythology, there is a figure named Atlas. He was eventually defeated in the war with the gods. Zeus told me to stand up to the sky with punishment. Atlas syndrome refers to a father who tries to carry everything perfectly and suffers from mental stress. On the other hand, it is also called Superman's syndrome.

This is why a middle-aged man who appears to be successful is involved in an affair or a mitch case. This means that people suffering from Atlas syndrome are released from their mental stress to another woman who will not have to shoulder or take responsibility for it.

Kwak Geum-joo, a psychology professor at Seoul National University, interpreted it as a "compensation psychology."

Professor Kwak said, "If you make tremendous efforts for your own purposes and eventually take up a position of power, then the psychology of compensation works. "I'm here with a strong and hard effort, so I believe that the current deviation can be justified," he said. "In the process of compensating myself, such an unfortunate incident takes place."

This is an on-the-spot case that is often encountered by psychiatrists.

Ha Ji-hyun, a professor of psychiatry at Konkuk University Hospital, said, "There are many cases where people come to hospitals because of such cases, even if they are not necessarily considered as a syndrome or pathological phenomenon. Looking at what these people have in common, their self-esteem was too high due to the notion that they had risen to the position with difficulty. So everyone will support and like my actions unconditionally. No matter what I do, I'm lucky to get through it.' As a result, we don't hesitate to expect the worst outcome, but we end up in a collapse," he said.

Experts say that when the organization is at the peak of its economically well-off position or power, it can become less empathetic and self-centered as it becomes accustomed to directing rather than listening, as the organization moves as it says. Some analysts say that under these circumstances, the desire to show off its power is freed by the weak and the female, leading to an accident.

▶Diagnosis 2 | More, more, anything new?

▷With the tendency to pursue self-picture, success and fall are instantaneous

Some view middle-aged men who have caused problems as a tendency to seek stimulation.Stimulation-seeking is the type of personality that is interested in new or rewarding.

Whether it is social or economic success, a middle-aged man in that position may have a fairly high desire to achieve. In other words, he feels so new and so stimulating. A certain degree of social rise makes life more stable. When that happens, it becomes difficult to address the inner desire for change. Then, they will take away their condensed needs more and solve them illegally, such as gambling, adultery and sexual exploitation. There are many cases in which if you think that the other side accepts it after a short, short try at first, then you become more violent from then on, and eventually you lose everything," said Choi Won-jung, head of the department of psychiatry at Yonsei University.

In business administration, similar cases are interpreted as consumer psychology. They view the wrong choice of middle-aged men as a "hedonist effect." Hedonist effect is a phenomenon in which decisions are made by emotional factors that result in an impulsive experience rather than by the superior characteristics or functions of a product. It can be seen as a kind of impulse buying mentality.

Seo Yong-gu, a professor of business administration at Sookmyung Women's University, said, "Although it is a negative and undesirable judgment, a middle-aged man who wins fame and fortune in a shopping environment, sees an outside woman, not his family, as a target of pleasure and impulse, and thinks that he can easily turn her into his own property."

▶Diagnosis 3 | Is everything due to hormonal changes?

The rate of female hormones has increased, which acts as a desire for intimacy.

Men's hormones are commonly known to peak in their early 20s. Since then, it will fall about 1 percent a year Female hormones in men fall at a similar rate, where hormone imbalance occurs. The fact that a tough guy becomes timid and tears grow deeper when he becomes a middle-aged man. In terms of the absolute amount of hormones, the rate of female hormones is relatively higher because male hormones decrease more than female hormones.

"Those in their 20s or 30s, who were driven by achievement and ambition, are also biologically changing after their mid-40s," said Lee Kyung-min, a leadership coach at Emerjing Leadership Convention. Middle-aged men often misjudge that the desire for intimacy, understanding and recognition, and that reason other than their wives, will satisfy their emotional needs. We often cross the line thinking that we feel a toxic emotional affinity and are comforted by women who treat kindly," he said.

In addition, the specialist diagnosed that the desire to carry out deviations may become stronger when the status of the family and outside changes.

"A wife who has lived with her for decades tends to treat her husband regardless of his social status. On the other hand, middle-aged men in their company and social life are treated higher than their prestige in their home, but many cases fall apart for a moment when rationality occurs once they feel secure and desire for intimacy has risen," he added.


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