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A middle-aged man's 'recipitation'

Under-eye fat, which is a concern for middle-aged men, can be removed through simple surgery using laser. The surgery does not show scars and does not interfere with everyday life.

Recently, there has been a wave of rejuvenating plastic surgery among middle-aged people. As the average life expectancy increases and the aging society accelerates, it can be interpreted as a way not to be ignored by society by making the desired soft and benevolent impression or by maintaining the youthful appearance. The increase in remarriage due to bereavement and divorce also contributed to the rejuvenation of the body.

Recruit molding refers to regaining a younger appearance by correcting the areas where aging has emerged, which is a process to open the second act of life, such as reemployment, remarriage and start-up, as appearance is young and young to one's heart, accompanied by passion and determination in their 20s.

The areas where they are usually treated include eyelids, wrinkles with traces of time on them, and areas under the eyes of the psychic complex. Because these areas have been changed by aging, they are characterized by 10 years of youthful appearance with minimal modification.

The area where aging begins most quickly is the eye. As you get older, your muscles and skin lose elasticity, which causes your upper eyelids to droop and droop, which is called eye lids. It appears more often in middle-aged people, mostly those in their 50s or older, and more quickly in people with no double eyelids and fat. When the eyelids droop, they look older and dark. The reason is that the outer part of the eye is covered with sagging skin, making it look like a triangle. In this case, it is not only bad for appearance but also bad for health. If you have drooping eyelids, you need to stretch your muscles as much as your drooping eyelids to open your eyes properly. At this time, the muscles of the forehead are shrunk, raising the eyes and the yangmi liver frowns. Naturally, the wrinkles on the forehead are getting worse. In addition, the muscles in the forehead and neck are tense while lifting the eyelids too hard, causing headaches, and the tip of the eyes is also heavily grated.

If the skin is stretched simply by cutting off the skin, and the force of the eye opening muscles is weakened, double eyelid lines are cut together to help fold or shorten the eye opening muscles.

If eyelids usually eat into the age of middle-aged women, the small amount of middle-aged men is under-eye fat. Under-eye fat refers to a phenomenon where the membrane surrounding the fatty tissue, which is filled with the eye to avoid direct contact with the bone, is losing momentum and popping out into the skin under the eye. When areas under the snow come out, they will have sagging wrinkles, which will make them look younger than their actual age, and when the light is shining, they will be shaded down and dark circles will be created, making them look dark.

These under-eye fats can be removed by simple surgery using laser. The procedure involves cutting the conjunctiva (red skin) inside the eyelids with a carbon dioxide laser by pulling the lower eyebrows slightly, and then removing the appropriate amount of fat. Therefore, the scar does not appear on the outside and does not artificially seal the incision, which does not interfere with everyday life.

The wrinkles, a symbol of middle age, can also be removed simply. Wrinkle refers to the gradual bone formation on the stretched skin due to the decreased production of elastic fibers called elastin and collagen as they age. In the past, facial lacerations were performed to cut the skin off as much as it stretched, but recently, micro-fat transplants that fold without incisions have become the focus of attention. Micro-fat transplant surgery is widely applied to wrinkles, cheeks, comfortable foreheads and chests as surgery to collect extra fat from one's body (slow belly, buttocks, thighs and arms) and transplant it to the desired area. Because it is self-organizing and uses injections, it is fast to recover and can be treated over the weekend.

If the surgery is burdensome or if you want to stretch your wrinkles temporarily (about six months), you can use Botox, which paralyzes your facial muscles and wrinkles. Because the wrinkles are simple and quick, such as getting an injection when you catch a cold, you can naturally fold them without any interruption to your daily life.


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