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One important thing in middle-aged sex

"Climacterium? I don't know that. It's still very robust." 

Middle age means medically the beginning of menopause. It is not clear how old menopause is, but it is usually between the mid-40s and the mid-50s. Both men and women experience physical and mental discomfort due to a decrease in sex hormones when they reach the men's adolescence. Women clearly suffer from menopause and other menopause symptoms, but there is a wide gap between men and women. Among the many inconveniences, the most pressing issue is sexual. But sex and love between men and women can't have an answer or a formula, and knowledge of the "middle-aged sex" that we normally thought we knew well often has no medical grounds. 

"Mine is this size since the young age! How about yours? So how do you live?"

When you talk about yourself, you hold your fist and hold out your forearm and open your little finger to your friend. The obsession with male penis size and misunderstanding are endless and the bigger the woman, the better she can satisfy. There may be differences in size, but women's quality is highly flexible and flexible due to its very soft mucosal tissue, which basically receives the same satisfaction regardless of the length and thickness of the penis. If the penis is more than 5 centimeters long, a normal sex life is possible to satisfy a woman. Size or boldness is simply a factor that stimulates psychological curiosity. 

"How many times do you do it a month?" 

It's a story that middle-aged men don't fall into drinking. You may wonder what sex life is like in the same age group, but unfortunately, there is no accurate statistical data by age group. There is a slang word for "medical defense," but sex life is not actually done by any rule, such as several times a week and several times a month. The report on sex says that it should be done once every few days by age group, but this is mainly about a man's sexual resilience.

"Technic is me, me! It's full of change, sink, knuckleball, rock straight."

It's not a baseball story. There are many people who think you need to use a variety of techniques and physique to make your sex life great. While 30 body positions are introduced in the Chinese girls' landscape and 529 in India's Camasutra, most of them are impossible positions in reality. The top male face-to-face is the most common position to confirm affection by exchanging facial expressions with each other. Understanding and focusing on each other in comfort rather than special sexual skills give you greater enjoyment and satisfaction. When it comes to middle-aged sex, conjugal communication is the most important. 

"My wife dies every time I do with her." 

It is normal that male and female sexual organs do not feel orgasm physically at the same time because of differences in structure and function. Men have the best pleasure at the moment they bow down, but it is not easy for women to feel orgasm because there is no status quo. If you are mindful of ending your actual sex life at the same time, your enjoyment can be reduced. Women are more important than sex itself, so even if they fail to reach their peak, it can be a satisfying sex life and is also a physiological natural phenomenon.

A middle-aged sex life should be performed as a means of expressing affection on the basis of mutual respect and emotional closeness, not the number of times or intensity. Both husbands and wives should focus with ease, and the role of wives who understand their fallen husbands' sexual abilities is of paramount importance. 



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