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10 reasons to date a man in his 50s

1. He is mature

Men grow old like good wine. Because it takes a long time for a man to mature. A woman who has waited so long for a young man like sour grapes to turn into a soft, rich and energetic man is bound to be glad the moment she meets a "real" man. According to a British survey (laughs) the fact that a child channel has done such a study is funny, but men are fully mature until they are 43, compared to women 11 years later. So imagine how much more mature a man will be when he turns 50. The time has come to harvest grapes!

2. Silver hair

What's sexier and "hot" than "Grey's 50 shadows" (the English equivalent of "gray" or "silvery hair") are silver hair that adorns men's hair. Silver means higher quality, intelligence, sense of dress, and wisdom than young people (because it is wise!). If you doubt that silver hair is "hot," watch the members of the much-hyped silver-haired team these days: actors George Clooney, John Stewart, John Slatery, Anderson Cooper, Jeff Bridges and Barack Obama. Silver is the new black.

3. Better in bed

Men over 50 are in no hurry. I am determined to please women and try my best. Also, in the bedroom, I know that there are many other things to do as well as simple sex. BJU International, a British journal of the International Journal of urology, published the results of a survey in the journal Science that found men in their 50s more satisfied with their sex lives than men in their 30s and 40s. Satisfaction with sex life was assessed from 0 to 4, with an average of 2.77 for men in their 50s, 2.55 for men in their 30s and 2.72 for those in their 40s. That's right. Mick Jagger. We feel satisfaction. Because after night, I can prove that I have a partner I'm satisfied with.

4. Men like children, but his children are not a problem for women

Most men (like me) in their 50s are at least at the age of high school, college or social work. Children's problems are not a concern for women because they are already grown up. But the good news is that men in their 50s understand that ultimately children are more important than the two when they are dating. Most men in their 50s I know like children. So, let's not just go diapers, but who's better off as a date compared to a funny man in his 20s and 30s who can't wash his clothes properly, and wears a baseball cap and drooping shorts? Of course I thought you'd think so.

5. The man is good at planning and keeping good date

Sometime, you forget the time and the place, you waited for a text message from a man from his smartphone. It never happens to a man in his fifties (if you do, run!). He can't afford to change his once-decided date appointment around because his schedule is full. And he values future dates and wants to make sure they are accurate. consider three or four options in the thought of when better places and times will be I don't do what I decide at the last minute. Do you know why? Because it's silver hair.

6. Physically Healthy

Of course, sometimes my knees get cold and sometimes my back feels stiff. However, with good care, one can maintain as good health as a man in his 30s and 40s. Can you beat them in a Spartan-style race or a cross-fit race or a marathon? No. But at the end of the match, you can look as good as your friends. 

7. He is financially stable

Men in their 50s have more than 30 years of experience in society. In other words, a man in his 30s worked as much as he had ever lived. So women don't have to worry about this guy paying for dinner on their first date (see number 8 below). Also, you don't have to worry about a man who is looking for a rich. His house, car, credit card and pension are all arranged separately. If not... Run, of course!

8. Of course, it is needed to calculate the cost of dating

When a man in his 50s asks for a date, it means that he will be responsible for the dating expenses. It's simple. He's applying to a woman, so he pays. A man in his fifties knows the principle well. How do you know so well? This is because I learned well from my parents about what a gentleman was like during my childhood in the '60s. It is a true gentleman who is accustomed to the act of opening the door for a woman and paying happily when the bill comes out. On the women's side, if you pull the bill, you pull it harder on the men's side, and the woman can't win and release her hand.

9. They know the world well through many trips.

For a woman with a lot of intelligence and experience, nothing is more boring than meeting a man who has never left her home, let alone the U.S. You should have been in the world to have a worldview. When the man turned 50, he traveled the world quite a lot! In my case, I have visited all the continents except the North Pole. So instead of boasting about his new car, complaining about his poor baseball player, and asking him to take care of his kids over the weekend, he tried safari, scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, and a man in his 50s who has experience riding a motorcycle in the Sahara Desert is no more interesting than a human being.

10. He doesn't expect to be a mother from a woman

When a man is in his fifties, he doesn't find a woman to play the role of a mother. We're looking for a partner, not a parent. The woman we want is an independent, vivacious, passionate and compassionate person. Of course I love my mom. Like all good guys. But I don't want a woman I'm dating to be a mother.

결구 우리가 찾는 사람은 함께 즐거운 데이트를 할 수 있는 상대다. 그리고 여자들도 마찬가지일 텐데, 50대 남자의 데이트 신청에 ‘좋아요’라고 답하는 순간 그 바람이 이루어질 거다.



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