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How old do you want to live?

It's called the 100 years old, so should live till 100 years old.….?

Statistics show that you don't lie very well, but if you look at the data below, you're lucky to be 80 years I think it's a blessing. According to the report by the National Statistical Office (NSO), the nation's population as of the end of May 2018 was 51,796,179.

□ Men: 25,859,449 women: 25,936,730 🏠Generation: 21,824,246

Population of major cities and provinces: 9,820,971 in Seoul, 3,468,134 in Busan, 2,963,255 in Daegu, 2,463,936 in Daejeon, 1,493,234 in Gwangju, 1,463,100 in Ulsan,657 in Gyeonggi Province, 3,908 in South Gyeongsang Province, 3,304 in North Gyeongsang Province, 2,686 in South Jeolla Province, 2,3083,089 in South Chungcheong Province, 1,3089,1 in South Jeolla Province, 1,3089,1 and 2,3089 in North Jeolla Province, 2,3089 in North Chungcheong Province, 2,3089,099.

Population by age / °61 as of 2017~An average of 370,000 °66 °70 °77,387 °72 °72 °73,246 °73 °74,202,376 °75 °76,172 °76,1777,153,486 °73,1773,130,138409 °93 years old, 7,273 °94, 3,975 years old, 2,602 years old, 1,773 °98 years old, 1,071 °99 years old, 648 people 4) Survival probabilities by age of 67? ^6% chance of survival until age 70. 

So at the age of 90, 95 out of every 100 people will die, and only five survive. Probabilistically, the average age you can live is between 75 and 78. If you live to 80 years old, that means that only 30 out of 100 people are left and none of them are going to that world. So when you meet your friends, don't be stingy, but have a lot of friendships with laughter and conversation. I live harder and I see it more often and more happily... Death inevitably comes to everyone, and it's not the day you decide when you're going, it's not the age order.....!!!

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