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Why middle-aged men cheat?

1. Love-seeking type Men are a kind of dreamer when it comes to relationships. He has a tendency to always look for the ideal type of woman he had in his mind during puberty. When the flame of a long-burning romance dies down and the sweetness of a newlywed is gone, he wanders in memory of a woman he had dreamed of for a longer time, and when he meets a woman similar to his ideal type, the man shakes helplessly.

2. Curiosity-satisfied type Most men bear in their hearts the curiosity of something new or the desire for adventure and challenge. The endless desire for new things applies equally to women. At this time, a wife or a lover is already out of the way of exploration, and therefore unable to arouse the desire to challenge and conquer anew. It's a moment when a new woman becomes madly curious. They want to satisfy their curiosity by trying new things and conquering them.

3. Revenge type A man who feels a severe complex to his lover or wife in his educational or intellectual or financial or social status wants to restore his woefully crumpled self-esteem by hurting his lover or wife by turning to another woman for an act of turning to her eyes. He wants to be rewarded by retaliating for the stress he suffered and cheating on his wounds.

4. Liberation pursuit type For a man, home is a safe haven for recharging, and sometimes a prison for restraining freedom. Overburdened responsibilities as head and loyalty to a woman forced as a duty husband. It is the urge to throw everything away and fly away one day in a repetitive routine that cannot escape. At this time, another woman's arms can be felt as a liberation zone to find the natural rights of a man.

5. Primitive possessive type For a man, monogamy may be a cruel punishment. Men never have a reason to dislike ten women. The latent psychology has the desire to have sex with all women indiscriminately and in various ways, and it is the man's nature to be faithful to his instinctive desires to the extent that they are.

6. Ability show off type The term "hero" implies that a king or hero should have many women. In other words, if a man has the power or financial power, his relationship with many women is considered indispensable. Behind the scenes of some nannies making scandals with beauty celebrities by all means is a self-praise of trying to prove their power by making good-looking women their own.

7. Resist temptation type These days, women in the new generation often extend their temptations to men who are attracted to them more aggressively and openly. At this time, it is often not a matter of whether the opponent is a bachelor or a married man. In the face of the charming and provocative temptation of a decent woman, any adult soldier kneels down.

8. Following mood type Men's entertainment culture and play culture can be said to be women's, if the first drink is alcohol. It is a group of friends, colleagues, or people from the clientele who are snooping around an entertainment or a prostitute. Men who hide themselves are more likely to be buried with sandals or dwarves who don't know the man's manners. It's an extramarital affair of crying and eating mustard or letting things go.

9. Reason of Existence type Among the artists who need to create something new, there are times when they display their genius (?) together with excessive female attraction. Is it a tantalizing gesture to find the meaning of one's existence in a woman between the futility of life and the solitude of human beings, the finiteness of existence and the obsession with creative art marriage? There are times when not only artists but also ordinary men suddenly want to confirm the meaning of their existence. Especially, the desire to be identified as a man suddenly becomes dependent on a new woman.



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