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Menopause woman, cut 200 kilocalories a day, and have decaffeinated coffee.

1·2·1 principles are basic, reducing 200kcal per day.

① 1·2·1 principles are basic

If you want to practice your health eating habits during the menstruation years, remember the principles of the first and second year. This means that beans should be eaten at least once a day, milk and bone-eating fish at least twice a day, and green fish at least once a week. Soybeans are rich in plant estrogen isoflavones. Vegetable estrogen in soybeans works similarly to female hormones estrogen in the body, which helps alleviate menopause symptoms, said Cho Si-hyun, an obstetrics professor at Gangnam Severance Hospital. tofu and soy milk have the same effect. Milk and bone-eating fish (e.g., anchovies, sardines, etc.) are rich in calcium and vitamin D that are good for bone health. If estrogen is reduced in the body, osteoporosis risk increases as bone-absorbing osteoporosis becomes more active. Milk or bone-eating fish are good to eat at least twice a day to reduce bone loss. Eggs and salmon are also helpful. Blue fish such as mackerel are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. "The symptoms of childhood include depression and cardiovascular disease, and Omega-3 fatty acids lower blood cholesterol and prevent abnormal lipidemia, so it is good for middle-aged women to eat more than twice a week," said Professor Song Byung-joo. Even if you eat nuts such as pecans and almonds, you can eat omega-3 fatty acids.

② Reduce 200 kcal per day

"Many menopause women who meet in the doctor's office complain of increased abdominal and hip body fat or difficulty in weight management due to hormonal changes," Song said. "If you are not seriously ill, you should reduce your total intake of calories by 200 kcal per day." It is ideal to lose calories by reducing carbohydrate intake, such as eating only two-thirds of the rice. This is because after menopause, the remaining carbohydrates are used in the body and stored well by turning them into fat. When eating carbohydrates, it is better to have mixed grains rather than white rice and a lower sugar index (GI) like sweet potatoes than white rice. Besides this, it is also helpful to apply ingredients that are large and low in calories such as well.

③ Avoid caffeine and not to eat only what one wants

"Caffeine, which is high in coffee and soft drinks, not only releases calcium out of the body and causes osteoporosis, but also causes sleep disorders and headache symptoms by keeping them awake," Professor Cho said. "Replacing it with decaffeinated coffee or warm water will help ease the symptoms of menopause." "There are also patients who eat only one food that is known to be good for eating only three servings of soybeans," said Professor Choi Hyun-jin of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Chung-Ang University Hospital. "The basic principle is to eat a variety of vegetables, dairy products, grains, fruits and fish, including helpful foods."

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