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10 Rules to become Sexy 50s Aged Man!

Is it because of the growing conflict between generations? There is less respect for adults among younger generations. The nicknames given to men in their 50s who have devoted their entire lives to their jobs, such as "Gaejeo," "Suksu" and "Kongdae," both of which speak up for their broken authority. The phrase "laid by a retired husband" is also a poor self-portrait of a middle-aged man whose economic sphere has disappeared. A middle-aged man's recent posting on a portal site's blog has become a topic of conversation as he has gained consensus online. It is a lamentation of one's own life, and it is a story that is widely written here.

Ten Commandments to Become a Better Middle-aged," proposed by five experts in different fields, including health, fashion, technology, work and home.

"A female employee said, 'Chairman A, really Mr. Gage,' and when I searched the office, it was a combination of 'dog' and 'ajer' that made me swear on middle-aged men." Suddenly, I look back around me and myself. I was wondering if our employees would refer to me as Mr. Garger. K-type! I'm really sorry about our age when we realize the walls of our youth and generations."

What kind of attitude would it take for those of us who are the backbone of our society to live as decent middle-aged? Monthly Central asked experts in five areas: work, home, fashion, health and asset management. The common denominator in their advice is "change." As the world is changing, husbands should change, fathers should change, and bosses at work should change. The "10 Commandments Required" that must be remembered in real life to regain the "attraction" of a middle-aged man.

Mongolia's great king Chingizkan, who ruled a vast continent from Asia to Europe with a population of only 1 million to 2 million, said, "A dream one man has is just a dream. But if 10,000 people dream of one dream, that's the reality," he was quoted as saying.

The latest film, "Inton," is about an intern in her 70s communicating with a female CEO in her 30s. Respecting and listening to a younger female CEO and breaking up relationships are good examples for male workers in their 50s. Aren't you a "young" who admonishes and directs based on a vertical hierarchy?

1. Treat members as partners

It is because of fear that employees are following the leader's authoritarian attitude, not because of respect. In the case of Starbucks, the world's No. 1 coffee franchise, it is well-known for recognizing its employees as partners, not employees, to become CEOs themselves and treat customers with a sense of ownership. When a member thinks he or she is treated with importance, the organization grows.

2. Be active in family event money

In the relationship between colleagues, bosses and juniors, we should also actively participate in the survey, especially in the survey, to widen the scope of friendship. Communication is made by a clause when trying not to leave an image that one knows nothing but himself.

3. Observe the etiquette for the female employee.

There are still many bosses who treat female employees with false perceptions. If the government thinks that female employees are to blame for their struggles, including coffee, it will inevitably fall behind in society. Sexual harassment is the same. Sexual harassment in the workplace occurs when an intrusive act is deliberately repeated when it refers to sex or sexuality. When you look back on your position and consider your opponent, etiquette is complete. Let's separate whether it's admonition or sexual harassment.

4. Communicate with employees smart

It is also necessary to properly use SNS functions such as Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Kakao Talk, and blogs in the right places. If used well, it can increase productivity and core capabilities, and give motivation to members. Let's talk about what members are thinking, what they're feeling, where they met, what they talked about and what the consequences are.

5. Reveal yourself.

There is a person who shines in its own way. Be an attractive person who makes others come first. If you try to become the best expert in your field and take good care of yourself, you will naturally get attention. People are flocking around.

6. Appeal to your boss.

Many office workers feel stressed when they think they are not as appreciated as they work, and when they feel that their performance and abilities are not fully known due to a lack of communication. Some people feel that working in a similar way results in a difference in salary. They should also actively communicate with their superiors and not hesitate to PR themselves.

7. Boldly clean up your unnecessary connections.

If you are a madangbal type who boasts a huge network, try to organize your personal connections step by step. Spend the time to those close to you rather than meet too many people. True success should be respected by the nearest.

8. Spend 15 minutes on self-improvement focused on happiness.

Take the time to grow and develop yourself, just 1%, or about 15 minutes, out of 4,800 seconds a day. The self-improvement of workers is not all about developing language skills. Focus on happiness. Self-improvement for one's own happiness is motivated and makes one act actively. Start what you've always wanted to do, even though you've put it off under the pretext of being busy.

9. Let's organize a resume to prepare an answer to "Who are you?"

To be the best expert in your field, you must be able to answer the question, "Who is it? You are." Let's summarize the work performance and portfolio we've built up. 1) Have you achieved outstanding work that you can speak to anyone with confidence? 2) Has my expertise been recognized in my field and can I prove it? 3) Do you have a human network that can be used to drive work to success?

10. The network is a co-option, a combination of competition and cooperation.

Co-operation is a combination of co-operation and competition, meaning the pursuit of benefits through mutual cooperation and competition among the same industry. Instead of waging a bloody fight at the expense of bleeding, they should work together and co-exist. Think that you are working with your members at the same time as you are competing.



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