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Middle-aged diet and exercise, differences are?

Consideration of health condition and basic physical strength

 In an age of aging, physical health is both economic power and competitiveness. However, excessive exercise and dieting are more toxic than considering one's physical condition or physical strength. In particular, middle-aged people can hasten muscle and bone loss and damage knee and shoulder joints. With the help of Nam Chang-hyun, head of Mokdong Himchan Hospital, we looked at the middle-aged health care law.

If you starve, you lose more muscle and bone.

Middle-aged abdominal obesity is mainly due to lack of activity and poor eating habits. They often choose to starve rather than exercise. Starving diets can be dangerous to health care because the body does not properly supply the necessary nutrients. Cells use glucose as an energy source, but when they starve, they break down and use amino acids in their muscles to fill up the glucose deficiency. In other words, muscles naturally decrease in middle age, but the muscle mass decreases faster. When muscles decrease, the basic metabolic rate decreases. Even if you eat less, your diet becomes difficult. The supply of calcium and protein is also reduced, which can cause osteoporosis over endocrine due to malnutrition. In particular, middle-aged women experience osteoporosis due to menopause. If you skip meals to lose weight, your health can deteriorate.

For an effective diet, people eat meals rather than skip meals. However, it reduces the amount of meals by a third compared to normal They eat vegetables, seaweed, mushrooms, milk, and fish that are lower in calories than fried foods. Nam Chang-hyun, director of orthopedics at Mokdong Himchan Hospital, said, "Middle-aged women are at an increased risk of osteoporosis as they get older, so balanced nutrition is important."

Even strenuous exercise should be careful. Exercise that puts pressure on bones and joints is not suitable for middle-aged people. As the body ages, its flexibility and muscle strength are lower than when it was young. Most aerobic exercises put a temporary weight on the knee. The impact that one has to deal with on the knee joint accumulates and builds up. Due to repeated shocks, knees become less resilient as they get older, and even mild shocks can lead to knee injuries. Therefore, his strength, shall need to take into account the fundamentals.

The same goes for weight training inside. Weight training, which carries dumbbells and weights, is likely to damage the tendon of the shoulder. Shoulder injury, according to the weight burden to avoid exercise should be below shoulder level. It is better to start light and gradually increase weight at a level that does not to exceed the limits of your physical strength. If you feel heavy shoulder or have severe shoulder pain after exercising, don't make arbitrary judgments, and you should seek an orthopedic hospital as soon as possible. If left untreated, the symptoms could worsen and prevent the use of shoulders and arms.


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