• Country: Spain
  • Initial release: May 24, 2014
  • Film Director: Pedro Solís García
  • Running Time: 10 Minutes
  • IMDB Grade: 7.9

In the world of animated short films, “Cuerdas” stands out as a beautiful and touching masterpiece. Directed by Pedro Solís García, this Spanish film explores themes of love, friendship, acceptance, dreams, and hopes. Released in 2014, “Cuerdas” received widespread acclaim and was awarded the prestigious Goya® award for the Best Spanish short film animation. With its emotional storytelling and powerful message, this film has resonated with audiences worldwide.

Director’s Inspiration

Pedro Solís García, the talented filmmaker behind “Cuerdas,” drew inspiration from his personal experiences and the relationship between his two children. His son Nicolás, who suffers from severe cerebral palsy, became the muse for the film’s main character. Pedro’s daughter Alejandra, despite the challenges her brother faced, always played with him affectionately and used her imagination to create a world where they could connect. This heartwarming bond between siblings became the foundation for the story of “Cuerdas.”

The Story of “Cuerdas”

“Cuerdas” tells the story of Maria, a young girl whose routine at school is transformed when she befriends a special child. This child, much like Pedro’s son Nicolás, faces obstacles due to his condition but possesses a unique spirit. Through their friendship, Maria and the boy learn valuable lessons about empathy, inclusion, and the power of human connection.

The Impact of Teaching and Personal Background

Pedro Solís García believes that teachers play a vital role in shaping children’s education and development. In “Cuerdas,” Maria represents the extraordinary dedication and compassion of special education teachers who go above and beyond to support their students. While the true influence of their work may not always be immediately apparent, their efforts create a lasting impact on the lives of the children they teach.

Children’s Understanding of Diversity

Children, in their innocence, do not come into the world with prejudices. It is through the imitation of adult behavior that biases are learned. However, a strong emphasis on values and a good education can help children maintain their innate acceptance of diversity. “Cuerdas” showcases how a film can positively influence the way children perceive and interact with others who may be different from them. The story has the power to inspire kindness, compassion, and inclusivity in young hearts.

“Some time ago, I received a touching message from a teacher, in which he told me that in his school there was a child in a wheelchair who was always alone at school recess. However, after watching ‘Cuerdas,’ the child’s schoolmates no longer left him alone. It is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a creator, to realize how his work positively influences future generations.”

– Pedro Solís García

A Message of Hope and Integration

Maria, the young protagonist of “Cuerdas,” embodies hope for a better future. She transforms the ropes, initially seen as a hindrance, into a symbol of unity and support. The film invites us to envision a world where prejudice is replaced with understanding, where diversity is celebrated, and where all members of the educational community can thrive together. “Cuerdas” challenges us to create an inclusive society where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

Recognition and Awards

Since its release, “Cuerdas” has garnered widespread recognition and critical acclaim. The film has won over 2,050 cinema awards worldwide, including the prestigious Goya® award for the Best Spanish short film animation in 2014. Its success and accolades highlight the emotional impact and artistic brilliance of Pedro Solís García’s creation.


“Cuerdas” is a heartfelt Spanish short film that touches the hearts of audiences around the world. Pedro Solís García’s personal inspiration and dedication to telling a story of love, acceptance, and friendship have resulted in a cinematic masterpiece. Through the character of Maria, the film encourages us to embrace diversity, challenge prejudices, and create a more inclusive society. “Cuerdas” serves as a reminder that, despite the challenges we may face, love and human connection can transcend all boundaries.

So, let us celebrate this remarkable work of art and be inspired to foster a world where everyone feels seen, valued, and included.

“A school without prejudices, where all the educational community and especially our students could live with values such as integration, diversity, mutual respect, and solidarity.”

– Pedro Solís García

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  • Children, in their honesty, don’t appear on the scene with biases. Through the impersonation of grown-up conduct inclinations are learned. Nonetheless, a solid accentuation on values and a well-rounded schooling can assist kids with keeping up with their intrinsic acknowledgment of variety. “Cuerdas” features how a film can decidedly impact the manner in which kids see and communicate with other people who might be not quite the same as them. The story has the ability to rouse consideration, empathy, and inclusivity in youthful hearts.