• Country: United States
  • Initial release: June 22, 2012
  • Film Director: Enrico Casarosa
  • Running Time: 7 Minutes
  • IMDB Grade: 7.9

In the realm of animated short films, Pixar has consistently delivered breathtaking creations that captivate audiences of all ages. One such masterpiece is “La Luna,” a 2011 film written and directed by the talented Enrico Casarosa. This heartwarming tale takes viewers on a journey of self-discovery, as a young boy navigates the challenges of coming of age amidst his family’s peculiar traditions. With its enchanting storyline and visually stunning animation, “La Luna” has earned critical acclaim and a nomination for the prestigious Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

2011 La Luna Poster

A Timeless Fable Unfolds

“La Luna” begins with a young boy, Bambino, embarking on a momentous journey with his father and grandfather. It is the boy’s first night joining them in their unusual line of work. Rowing far out to sea in an old wooden boat, the trio finds themselves surrounded by darkness, with no land in sight. It is here, amidst the vastness of the ocean, that the magic unfolds.

A Contrast of Characters

The characters in “La Luna” are brought to life through the meticulous attention to detail in their design. Bambino’s father and grandfather, clad in overalls and hats, initially appear similar. However, as the story progresses, their contrasting traits and perspectives become evident. The aged faces of the adults hide their eyes, obstructing their vision, while Bambino’s wide eyes remain unobstructed, symbolizing his clarity of vision and untamed curiosity.

Crafting a Unique Visual Style

Enrico Casarosa aimed to create a distinct visual aesthetic in “La Luna” that would set it apart from previous computer-generated films. By intentionally reintroducing imperfections, he sought to infuse warmth and humanity into the animation. Casarosa achieved this by incorporating handmade textures and color variations through the scanning of watercolor paintings. Every detail, from the planks on the boat to the handcrafted backgrounds, showcases the dedication to creating a visually stunning and emotionally evocative experience.

A Journey of Discovery

The heart of “La Luna” lies in the boy’s journey of self-discovery. Caught between the conflicting opinions and time-honored traditions of his father and grandfather, Bambino must find his own path. Through his unwavering curiosity and sense of wonder, he stumbles upon a moment of joy that transcends the limitations of tradition and opens his eyes to new possibilities.

The Legacy of Pixar Shorts

Pixar has a long-standing tradition of creating captivating shorts to accompany their feature films. These shorts serve as a testament to the studio’s technological and cinematographic prowess. While only a select few have received Academy Awards, such as “Tin Toy,” “Geri’s Game,” and “For the Birds,” each short showcases Pixar’s commitment to storytelling and innovation.

Beyond the Big Screen

In addition to their theatrical releases, Pixar has expanded their short film repertoire with series like “Cars Toons” and “Toy Story Toons.” These series provide further opportunities for storytelling and offer fans an extended glimpse into the beloved worlds of Pixar. Moreover, Pixar has also released educational background content alongside their feature films, enriching the viewing experience for audiences of all ages.

The Magic of Pixar Shorts Collection

For enthusiasts of Pixar shorts, there is good news. Pixar has released a collection of their shorts on Blu-Ray and DVD, with the first volume including films up until 2006’s “Lifted.” This collection allows viewers to revisit these timeless tales and appreciate the evolution of Pixar’s storytelling over the years. Rumors suggest a second volume may be released in November 2012, though no official statement has been made.


“La Luna” stands as a testament to Pixar’s ability to captivate and inspire through their animated short films. Enrico Casarosa’s vision and attention to detail bring this timeless fable to life, weaving a narrative that explores themes of self-discovery and the power of individuality. With its stunning visuals, enchanting storytelling, and universal appeal, “La Luna” has earned its place among the great Pixar shorts. As audiences continue to be mesmerized by the magic of these films, Pixar’s legacy as a master storyteller in the world of animation remains unparalleled.

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  • The core of “La Luna” lies in the kid’s excursion of self-revelation. Gotten between the clashing conclusions and respected customs of his dad and granddad, Toddler should track down his own way. Through his steady interest and feeling of marvel, he coincidentally finds a snapshot of delight that rises above the restrictions of custom and wakes him up to additional opportunities.