• Country: United States / Australia
  • Initial release: October 19, 2022 (United States)
  • Film Director: Lin Tam
  • Running Time: 7 Minutes
  • IMDB Grade: N/A

In a world where friendships come and go, some bonds are truly timeless. “Friendship” is an award-winning animated short film that beautifully captures the enduring nature of these special connections. Directed by Lin Tam, this heartwarming film tells the story of two childhood friends who navigate life’s ups and downs, celebrating their unbreakable bond despite their different personalities and ethnic backgrounds.


“Friendship” takes us on a journey through the lives of two women who first meet in high school. Despite their initial differences, they forge a deep connection that withstands the test of time. The film showcases their enduring friendship as they navigate through various trials, celebrations, and the passage of time. It serves as a reminder of the value of authentic connections and the joy of rekindling meaningful friendships.

Director’s Vision

Inspired by her own personal experiences, director Lin Tam crafted “Friendship” as a tribute to lasting connections. In the midst of the isolating Covid-19 pandemic, Tam reflected on the nature of friendships, both fleeting and enduring. She realized that while not all friendships last, the ones that do are invaluable. With this film, Tam aims to celebrate the beauty of reconnection, evoking nostalgia and encouraging viewers to cherish and nurture their own meaningful friendships.

The Power of Human Bonds

“Friendship” emphasizes the importance of human bonds in preventing loneliness and depression. The film highlights the idea that connection is essential to our well-being and serves as a lifeline during challenging times. Through the story of these two friends, viewers are reminded of the profound impact that friendships can have on our lives, providing support, joy, and a sense of belonging.

Critical Acclaim and Awards

“Friendship” has garnered critical acclaim and received over 25 selections at prestigious national and international film festivals. This widespread recognition reflects the film’s universal appeal and its ability to touch the hearts of audiences worldwide. Among its accolades, “Friendship” won an IndieFEST Film Award, placing it alongside other high-profile winners. The film was also nominated for the Montreal Independent Film Festival, a distinguished event that showcases innovative independent films.

The Beauty of Reconnection

One of the central themes of “Friendship” is the beauty of reconnecting with long-lost friends. The film shows that even if life takes us on different paths, finding our way back to those who truly matter can feel like no time has passed at all. It serves as a reminder to viewers to reach out and rekindle their own meaningful friendships, fostering a sense of joy and connection.

A Universal Story

Despite its specific characters and narrative, “Friendship” resonates with audiences around the world. It explores the universal themes of friendship, love, and the passage of time. Through its relatable and heartfelt storytelling, the film invites viewers to reflect on their own friendships and the enduring bonds that have shaped their lives.

Impact on Mental Health

Friendships play a crucial role in maintaining mental health and well-being. Studies have shown that strong social connections can reduce the risk of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. “Friendship” serves as a poignant reminder of the positive impact that genuine friendships can have on our overall happiness and emotional resilience.

“True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in the heart.”

– Helen Keller

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  • “Friendship” is a touching and emotionally resonant animated short film that celebrates the enduring nature of true friendship. Through its relatable characters and heartfelt storytelling, it reminds us of the joy and significance of authentic connections. In a world where relationships often come and go, “Friendship” serves as a powerful reminder to cherish and nurture those friendships that stand the test of time. So, reach out to your friends, reminisce about the good times, and make new memories together. After all, true friends are never apart, maybe in distance, but never in the heart.