• Country: Spain / Argentina
  • Initial release: June 24, 2021 (Spain)
  • Film Director: Pablo Polledri
  • Running Time: 8 Minutes
  • IMDB Grade: 7.2

In the realm of animated short films, “Loop” has emerged as a groundbreaking creation by the talented director Pablo Polledri. This eight-minute masterpiece takes us on a captivating journey through a society where every individual is trapped in an endless cycle of repetition. With its unique concept and visually stunning animation, “Loop” has garnered critical acclaim and recognition in the international film circuit.

A Revolutionary Concept

“Loop” introduces us to a dystopian world where each person is bound to perform the same action repeatedly, like cogs in a gigantic clock. The perpetual repetition forms the backbone of this society, maintaining a delicate balance within the system. However, amidst this monotonous existence, a couple decides to defy the norm and break free from the confines of their predetermined roles.

The concept of “Loop” challenges our perception of routine and conformity, prompting us to question the significance of individuality in a world driven by repetition. It explores the human desire for change, liberation, and the pursuit of a life beyond the predetermined script. This thought-provoking theme resonates with audiences of all backgrounds, making “Loop” a must-watch for animation enthusiasts and those seeking a deeper meaning in storytelling.

The Creative Minds behind “Loop”

“Loop” is a collaborative effort between Argentina and the Basque Country, showcasing the immense talent and expertise of the animation industry in these regions. The film is led by UniKo, a renowned production company, and its creative producer Iván Miñambres, known for his exceptional work in numerous international festivals.

Pablo Polledri, the director of “Loop,” has established himself as one of the most prominent animators in Argentinean animation. With an impressive filmography spanning over 20 projects, Polledri’s work has attracted attention from global brands and gained recognition at prestigious film festivals worldwide. His previous 2D animated short film, “CORP,” received nominations at more than 220 international festivals and garnered over 50 awards.

Accolades and Recognition

“Loop” has achieved remarkable success and acclaim within the animation industry. Its inclusion in the Official Selection of the Pixelatl 2021 Festival, a prominent international gathering for animation, comic, and video game industries, solidifies its status as an outstanding creation. The film’s participation in this renowned event further highlights the talent and ingenuity of its creators.

Additionally, “Loop” has received accolades at various prestigious award ceremonies. It was honored with the Best Sound Design and Original Music awards at the Quirino Awards in 2021 and won the Best Animated Short Film category at the Goya Awards in 2022. These achievements are a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship and artistic vision showcased in the film.

The Impact of “Loop”

“Loop” serves as a catalyst for conversations surrounding societal norms, conformity, and the pursuit of individuality. Through its thought-provoking narrative and visually captivating animation, the film invites viewers to reflect on their own lives and the actions they repeat day after day. It sparks a sense of curiosity and encourages introspection, urging us to question the routines we often take for granted.

Furthermore, “Loop” demonstrates the power of animation as a medium for storytelling. It breaks free from conventional boundaries, allowing for the exploration of complex themes and emotions in a concise, yet impactful, manner. The film’s ability to convey profound messages within its eight-minute runtime showcases the immense potential of animated short films to inspire and provoke thought.

A Glimpse into the Future

The success of “Loop” has propelled its creators to further explore the possibilities of animation in storytelling. UniKo, the production company behind the film, continues to push boundaries and collaborate with talented individuals to bring innovative projects to life.

Iván Miñambres, the creative producer of “Loop,” is currently working on the production of his next feature film, “Unicorn Wars,” directed by Alberto Vázquez. This upcoming project promises to captivate audiences with its unique narrative and distinct visual style. UniKo’s collaboration with Isabel Herguera on the feature film “Sultana’s Dream” further showcases their commitment to supporting diverse and thought-provoking stories in the animation industry.

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  • “Loop” has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the world of animated short films. Its thought-provoking concept, exceptional animation, and critical acclaim have solidified its position as a groundbreaking creation in the industry. The film’s success serves as a testament to the talent and creativity of its director, Pablo Polledri, and the collaborative efforts of UniKo and its creative producer, Iván Miñambres.

    As we delve into the captivating world of “Loop,” we are reminded of the power of animation as a medium for storytelling. It challenges societal norms, encourages introspection, and sparks conversations about the importance of individuality and breaking free from the monotony of routine. With its profound impact and critical recognition, “Loop” has set a new standard for animated short films and continues to inspire audiences worldwide.