• Country: Costa Rica
  • Initial release: June 9, 2020 (Costa Rica)
  • Film Director: Manu Mercurial
  • Running Time: 4 Minutes
  • IMDB Grade: 7.2

In the short film “Memories For Sale,” directed by Manu Mercurial, we are taken on a poignant journey of loss and redemption. The story revolves around a young man who, after the death of his alcoholic father, decides to sell the last memory of him – his taxi. Through stunning animation and a captivating storyline, Mercurial explores themes of grief, healing, and the power of memories. Let’s delve deeper into this emotional tale and discover the creative process behind its making.

The Storyline

“Memories For Sale” opens with the protagonist, a young man grappling with the loss of his father. Seeking closure, he makes the difficult decision to part with his father’s taxi, the last physical connection to their shared memories. As he embarks on this journey, he encounters various characters who represent different aspects of his father’s life and struggles with alcoholism. Through these encounters, he learns valuable lessons about forgiveness, acceptance, and the importance of cherishing memories.

The Making of “Memories For Sale”

One of the exceptional aspects of “Memories For Sale” is that no 3D software was used in its creation. Every frame of the film was meticulously “tradigitally” drawn, animated, and painted, showcasing the immense talent and dedication of the director, Manu Mercurial. This unique approach gives the film a distinct and visually captivating aesthetic.

The Creative Team

“Memories For Sale” is a collaborative effort that brings together the talents of several individuals. Manuel Lopez, the director and writer of the film, skillfully crafts the storyline and captures the emotional depth of the characters. The character design is masterfully executed by Pablo Matamoros, while Florian Calmer takes charge of the sound design and mixing, creating an immersive audio experience. Manuel Lopez also lends his musical talent to the film, composing the evocative score. Additional animation work is contributed by Daniel Viquez and Tin Brian Nguyen, adding layers of depth to the visuals. The color palette and backgrounds are brought to life by Bruno Castillo, Angel Harris, Emiliano Vargas, and Foster Salazar.


“Memories For Sale” is a four-minute and forty-five-second animated short film. It was completed on May 2, 2020, with a production budget of 500 USD. The film is in the English language and was shot digitally in Costa Rica, the country of origin. The aspect ratio is 12:5, and it is presented in color.

Director Biography – Manuel Lopez

Manuel Lopez, also known as Manu Mercurial, is the visionary behind “Memories For Sale.” At the age of 19, Lopez discovered his passion for 2D animation and decided to pursue it wholeheartedly. Despite initial self-doubt, he overcame his fears and embraced his love for storytelling through animation. Lopez’s dedication and continuous growth in his craft have led him to create remarkable works like “Memories For Sale.” He considers himself a storyteller, and his dream is to share his original stories with the world through animation.

Director’s Statement

Manuel Lopez sees himself as a storyteller rather than an artist. His primary goal is to share his unique narratives with the world, with a particular focus on animated storytelling. Lopez’s dream is to captivate audiences and ignite their imagination through his films.

Reception and Acclaim

“Memories For Sale” has garnered critical acclaim for its emotional depth, stunning visuals, and compelling storytelling. It has touched the hearts of audiences worldwide, resonating with its themes of loss, healing, and the power of memories. The film has been featured in various festivals, receiving praise for its innovative animation techniques and heartfelt narrative.

News and Reviews

The Animation Magazine featured an insightful interview with Costa Rican animator Manuel Lopez, discussing the profound impact of “Memories For Sale” and his creative process. Lopez’s innovative approach to animation using Clip Studio Paint was highlighted in an article on Graphixly, showcasing his dedication to pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling.

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  • “Memories For Sale” is a remarkable animated short film that takes viewers on an emotional journey of loss, healing, and the significance of memories. Through its captivating visuals, powerful storytelling, and talented creative team, the film leaves a lasting impact on its audience. Manuel Lopez’s dedication to his craft and his ability to create deeply resonant stories make him a rising force in the world of animation. “Memories For Sale” is a testament to the power of storytelling and its ability to evoke profound emotions in the hearts of viewers.