• Country: Thailand
  • Initial release: June 1, 2022 (Thailand)
  • Film Director: Nathanich Chantharojwong
  • Running Time: 6 Minutes
  • IMDB Grade: 6.5

In the realm of animated short films, “Opened” stands out as a heartwarming and thought-provoking creation by Nathanich Chantharojwong. This delightful film, produced as a Communication Design Senior Project in 2022, tackles the sensitive topic of picky eating in children. With its engaging storytelling and charming animation, “Opened” sheds light on the challenges faced by picky eaters and emphasizes the importance of open-mindedness in parenting.

The Story of “Opened”


The storyline of “Opened” revolves around a young boy who struggles with picky eating and the impact it has on his social interactions. His discerning palate and aversion to vegetables make him uncomfortable during mealtime gatherings. Concerned parents, referred to as Mom and Dad, attempt various methods to change their son’s eating habits. However, their futile efforts lead them to a realization: forcing him to eat is not the solution.

Parental Intervention

Mom and Dad, recognizing the need to address their son’s picky eating, take matters into their own hands. They embark on a journey to encourage him to expand his food choices. However, their well-intentioned actions only exacerbate the situation, causing further distress for their son. The film skillfully portrays the parents’ desperation and their desire to find a resolution.

The Turning Point

Amidst their failed attempts, Mom and Dad begin to question their approach. They realize that forcing their son to eat is not the answer and that a different solution must be sought. This pivotal moment propels them towards a new understanding of their child’s needs and the importance of creating a supportive environment.

The Impact of Parenting and Environment

Influences on Eating Behavior

“Opened” delves into the influential factors that shape a child’s eating behavior. The film highlights the significant role that parents and the environment play in fostering open-mindedness and healthy eating habits. It emphasizes the need for parents to be open to change and adapt their methods to suit their child’s individual needs.

Lessons from “Opened”

Through its narrative, “Opened” imparts valuable lessons for both parents and children. It encourages parents to approach picky eating with empathy and understanding, rather than resorting to forceful tactics. The film reminds viewers that each child is unique and that their eating preferences should be respected. It also serves as a reminder that fostering a positive and supportive environment is crucial in shaping a child’s eating habits.

The Creative Process: Animation and Direction

Animation Style

Nathanich Chantharojwong’s animation in “Opened” is visually stunning, capturing the essence of the story with vibrant colors and fluid movements. The attention to detail and the seamless integration of animation techniques elevate the viewing experience, allowing the audience to immerse themselves fully in the story.

Directorial Vision

As the director of “Opened,” Chantharojwong brings a distinct vision to the project. Through meticulous storytelling and compelling visuals, he effectively conveys the emotional journey of the characters. Chantharojwong’s direction showcases his talent for crafting narratives that resonate with audiences of all ages.

Critical Reception and Awards

Recognition in the Film Industry

“Opened” has garnered attention and accolades within the film industry. The animated short film received an Honorable Mention at the June 2022 competition, showcasing its impact and quality. This recognition highlights the film’s ability to captivate audiences and deliver a meaningful message.

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  • “Opened” is a remarkable animated short film that explores the challenges faced by picky eaters and the importance of open-mindedness in parenting. Through its engaging storytelling and impressive animation, the film offers valuable lessons for both parents and children. Nathanich Chantharojwong’s creation serves as a reminder that understanding, empathy, and a supportive environment are key in fostering healthy eating habits in children. “Opened” stands as a testament to the power of storytelling and animation in addressing relevant and relatable topics.