• Country: United States
  • Initial release: June 20, 2023
  • Film Director: Tiger Ji
  • Running Time: 14 Minutes
  • IMDB Grade: 9.1

In the world of filmmaking, there are stories that captivate our imagination and leave a lasting impact. One such story is “Death and Ramen,” a dark buddy comedy directed by Tiger Ji. This unique film explores the unlikely friendship between a depressed ramen chef and Death himself. With a talented cast, including Bobby Lee from MADTV and Matt Jones from BREAKING BAD, “Death and Ramen” promises to deliver a thought-provoking and entertaining experience.

The Plot: An Unconventional Encounter

“Death and Ramen” revolves around the life of Timmy Lee, a depressed ramen chef portrayed by Bobby Lee. After a failed suicide attempt, Timmy finds himself face-to-face with Death, played by Matt Jones. Instead of embracing his fate, Timmy convinces Death to accompany him to his ramen shop for one final meal. What starts as a peculiar request turns into a night of drunkenness, self-reflection, and unexpected camaraderie.

The Inspiration: A Unique Perspective

The idea for “Death and Ramen” came to Tiger Ji during a family dinner. Witnessing the pervasive influence of cosmetic enhancements on teenagers, Tiger Ji was inspired to explore the darker side of societal beauty standards. The film touches on themes of binge eating disorder, social isolation, and the lengths individuals will go to achieve these unrealistic expectations. It serves as a poignant reminder of the pressures faced by young people in today’s image-obsessed world.

The Director: Tiger Ji’s Vision

Tiger Ji, a 22-year-old filmmaker hailing from Hong Kong, is the creative force behind “Death and Ramen.” Despite his young age, Tiger has already made a name for himself with his award-winning short film, “Wuhan Driver.” His unique perspective and ability to fuse Eastern and Western sensibilities have garnered attention from industry veterans like Jonathan Sanger, the executive producer of “Death and Ramen.” With his passion for storytelling and commitment to exploring complex themes, Tiger Ji is poised to make a significant impact on the film industry.

The Cast: A Stellar Ensemble

“Death and Ramen” boasts a talented cast that brings the story to life. Bobby Lee, known for his comedic roles on MADTV, shines as Timmy Lee, the depressed ramen chef. His comedic timing and ability to convey deep emotions make him the perfect choice for this complex character. Matt Jones, recognized for his role in BREAKING BAD, delivers a compelling performance as Death, navigating the fine line between humor and introspection.

The Production Team: A Collaboration of Creatives

Behind every successful film is a dedicated production team. “Death and Ramen” is no exception. The film was co-produced by Don Omope, a British-Nigerian talent known for his box office smash hits, and Sol Rikweda, a former Met Film graduate and BBC Studios producer. Emma Keeling, a seasoned New Zealand producer and director, and Clarissa Itschert, a German creative producer, complete the team, ensuring a diverse and innovative approach to filmmaking.

The Cinematography: A Visual Feast

Stefan Nachmann, a talented Director of Photography from Germany, is the mastermind behind the stunning cinematography in “Death and Ramen.” With a portfolio that includes work for brands like Disney and Harper’s Bazaar, Nachmann brings a unique perspective to the film. His ability to capture the essence of each scene and evoke emotions through visuals elevates the storytelling experience.

Festival Recognition: Palm Springs ShortFest

“Death and Ramen” has been selected to screen in competition at the prestigious Palm Springs ShortFest. This OSCAR-qualifying festival showcases the best in short filmmaking and provides a platform for emerging talents to shine. The inclusion of “Death and Ramen” in this esteemed lineup is a testament to the film’s quality and the creative vision of Tiger Ji.

The Message: A Love Letter to Life

Although “Death and Ramen” deals with heavy themes such as suicide and societal pressures, it ultimately serves as a love letter to life. Through the unconventional friendship between Timmy and Death, the film explores the human experience and the value of empathy. It reminds us that even in our darkest moments, there is beauty and connection to be found.

Conclusion: An Unforgettable Journey

“Death and Ramen” is a dark buddy comedy that challenges our perceptions and invites us on a journey of self-discovery. With its talented cast, unique storyline, and thought-provoking themes, this film promises to leave a lasting impression. Tiger Ji’s vision and the dedication of the production team have created a cinematic experience that is both entertaining and profound. As “Death and Ramen” makes its mark on the festival circuit, audiences can expect to be captivated by its dark humor, emotional depth, and universal message of hope.

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  • “Death and Ramen” has been chosen to separate rivalry at the renowned Palm Springs ShortFest. This OSCAR-qualifying celebration exhibits the best in short filmmaking and gives a stage to arising gifts to sparkle. The consideration of “Death and Ramen” in this regarded setup is a demonstration of the film’s quality and the imaginative vision of Tiger Ji.