• Country: India
  • Initial release: N/A
  • Film Director: Ayappa K M
  • Running Time: 9 Minutes
  • IMDB Grade: 6.5

In the world of short films, The Guest (2016) by Ayappa KM stands out as a gripping and suspenseful thriller that takes viewers on a thrilling journey. Released on November 9, four years ago, this nine-minute film quickly gained recognition and praise, even winning an award at the Mumbai Film Festival. Set against the backdrop of scenic hills, the film follows a young man (portrayed by Avinash Tiwari) whose car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Little does he know that his encounter with a seemingly kind-hearted old lady (played by Davinder Madan) will lead him down a dark and unexpected path.

A Suspenseful Plot Unravels

As the film opens, we are immediately drawn into the captivating story. The young man finds himself stranded in the wilderness as his car breaks down, leaving him with no choice but to seek refuge for the night. He stumbles upon a quaint cottage, reminiscent of “The Cabin in the Woods,” creating an eerie atmosphere from the start. The entry of the spaced-out old lady adds to the sense of mystery and sets the stage for the unexpected turn of events that lie ahead.

The Power of Good Intentions

One of the underlying themes in The Guest is the power of good intentions. The host’s initial warmth and kindness towards the stranger create a sense of comfort and safety. However, as the night progresses, the circumstances begin to darken, ultimately leading to the young man’s undoing. This juxtaposition between goodness and darkness is brilliantly portrayed by the screenplay written by Parveez Sheikh and Ayappa KM.

The Role of Music and Cinematography

A notable aspect of The Guest is the effective use of music and cinematography to enhance the storytelling. Sameeruddin’s music score, strategically placed at the beginning and end of the film, ties the loose ends together seamlessly. It adds an additional layer of suspense and emotion, leaving the viewer torn between dismay and amusement. The cinematography captures the picturesque hills and the eerie cottage, creating a visually stunning backdrop that adds to the overall atmosphere of the film.

The Power of Imagination

What sets The Guest apart is its ability to leave the ending and the fate of the character to the viewer’s imagination. The film cleverly ends before revealing the full extent of what may have happened, allowing our minds to conjure up all sorts of gory and suspenseful scenarios. While The Guest is not a traditional horror film, it incorporates elements of the genre, making it all the more intriguing.

Critical Acclaim and Popularity

It comes as no surprise that The Guest has garnered over a million views on YouTube. Its quiet yet suspenseful plot, combined with the unexpected twist in the ending, captivates audiences and leaves them wanting more. The film’s success at the Mumbai Film Festival further solidifies its status as a remarkable piece of filmmaking.


In just nine minutes, The Guest manages to deliver a gripping and suspenseful narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Ayappa KM’s direction, coupled with the brilliant screenplay and captivating performances, creates an unforgettable experience. This short film serves as a reminder that even the best of intentions can pave the way to unexpected darkness. So, next time you come across a stranger in need, remember to tread cautiously, as you never know what lies beneath their seemingly kind facade.

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