• Country: United States
  • Initial release: October 23, 2020 (United States)
  • Film Director: Cameron Johanning
  • Running Time: 11 Minutes
  • IMDB Grade: 8.6

In the vibrant world of comedy films, “Sticky” directed by Cameron Johanning stands out as a delightful and entertaining gem. This comedy short film takes viewers on a hilarious journey as a boarding school student is whisked back home to Chappaqua, NY, only to discover that her favorite bakery has been baking more than just sticky buns. With a talented cast, including Daniel Cosgrove from “Billions” and Katie Balen from “The Interestings,” “Sticky” promises to deliver laughter and amusement in equal measure.

The Inspiration Behind “Sticky”

Cameron Johanning, the director of “Sticky,” shares that the moral at the heart of the story struck a chord with him. He was inspired by the idea that one cannot control the actions of the people around them, but they can choose how to react. The film explores the consequences of pride and how it can tear families and friends apart. This relatable theme resonates with many, making “Sticky” a captivating and thought-provoking comedy.

From Concept to Completion

The journey of bringing “Sticky” to life was not without its challenges. When asked about the timeline, Johanning humorously admits that it took “too long.” However, the dedication and hard work of the cast and crew paid off, resulting in a remarkable finished product that is sure to leave audiences entertained.

The Cast and Crew of “Sticky”

“Sticky” boasts an impressive cast that brings the characters to life with their exceptional performances. Daniel Cosgrove, known for his roles in “Billions” and “You,” showcases his comedic talent in this short film. Katie Balen, acclaimed for her work in “The Interestings,” brings her charm and charisma to the screen, adding depth to her character.

Cameron Johanning takes the helm as the director, demonstrating his keen eye for comedy and storytelling. Co-written by Johanning and Sean Peter Drohan, another talented writer, “Sticky” captures the essence of their collaborative genius. The combined efforts of the cast and crew result in a seamless and entertaining film experience.

The Challenges of Filmmaking

No film production is without its fair share of obstacles, and “Sticky” was no exception. Johanning recalls one particular incident during filming that provided both amusement and a valuable lesson. Choosing to film during golden hour at a metro platform turned out to be a rookie mistake. A disgruntled straphanger disrupted the shoot, claiming ownership of the city and protesting the crew’s presence. This unexpected encounter became a memorable obstacle that the team had to navigate with humor and adaptability.

Audience Reactions and Recognition

The feedback from audiences has been overwhelmingly positive, eliciting shock and gratitude from the director. Johanning compares this experience to a story shared by Wes Anderson, where a test screening yielded mostly negative feedback except for one slip of paper. In that moment, someone “got it,” and that’s how Johanning feels about the audience’s response to “Sticky.” The film’s ability to connect with viewers is a testament to its comedic brilliance.

The Creative Process Behind “Sticky”

The inception of “Sticky” began with a collaboration between Johanning and Sean Peter Drohan, a talented playwright and now a dear friend of Johanning. Together, they embarked on a search for inspiration, sifting through personal statements they had helped craft over the years. It was during this process that they stumbled upon a powerful statement that became the foundation of “Sticky.” The undeniable allure of the statement led them to create a film that captures the essence of its message.

A Memorable Film Experience

When asked about the film that Johanning has watched the most in his life, he reveals his love for “Casino Royale.” This thrilling and captivating film continues to capture his attention and serves as a source of inspiration for his own work.

The Filmmaker’s Perspective on FilmFreeway

Johanning praises FilmFreeway as an excellent platform for filmmakers. He highlights its ability to assist in identifying the target audience geographically and psychologically, making it easier to navigate the complex world of film submissions and festivals.

The Soundtrack of “Sticky”

Music plays a significant role in the overall experience of a film. Johanning shares that the song he has listened to the most in his life is “Nobody’s Empire” by Belle & Sebastian. This particular track resonates with him on a personal level, creating a connection that enhances his filmmaking process.

What’s Next for Cameron Johanning?

Johanning reveals that he has a new film project in mind, although its concept is still in the early stages of development. This project is expected to be a departure from the clean writing style of “Sticky,” offering a different emotional payoff. While focusing on his music under the pseudonym Smith St. Nicholas, Johanning is eager to find the right opportunity to bring his new film vision to life.

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  • “Sticky” directed by Cameron Johanning is a comedy short film that captivates audiences with its relatable themes and hilarious storyline. With a talented cast and crew, this film promises laughter and entertainment. Johanning’s creative vision and dedication shine through, creating a memorable film experience. As he continues to explore new projects, audiences eagerly await the next chapter in Johanning’s filmmaking journey.