• Country: Italy
  • Initial release: February 5, 2019
  • Film Director: Matteo Garrone
  • Running Time: 12 Minutes
  • IMDB Grade: 6.1

Campari, the iconic Italian aperitif, has once again captured the essence of storytelling in their latest installment of the Red Diaries series. In the enigmatic and enticing short film, Entering Red, viewers are taken on a journey that celebrates the 100-year anniversary of the iconic Negroni cocktail. Directed by Matteo Garrone and starring highly acclaimed actress Ana De Armas, this production showcases Campari’s irreplaceable role in the Negroni and the captivating city of Milan, where it all began.

Chapter 1: The Birth of a Legend

The Negroni, a timeless and beloved cocktail, traces its roots back to 1919 in Florence, Italy. It was during that year that a curious soul, a Campari connoisseur, gave birth to this exquisite creation. As the Negroni celebrates its centenary, Campari sets out to honor its legacy through the art of storytelling. Entering Red serves as a tribute to this iconic drink, showcasing its ingredients and the profound role Campari plays in its composition.

Chapter 2: The Story Unfolds

In Entering Red, viewers are introduced to Ana, played by the talented Ana De Armas. Her character embarks on a thrilling exploration of Milan, Campari’s birthplace, in search of a mysterious stranger who has left behind a ring marked with the enigmatic inscription ‘N100’. This clue sets Ana on a transformative journey of self-discovery, guided by expert bartenders known as the Red Hands. Through their wisdom, Ana learns about the three essential elements that create the perfect Negroni: gin, red vermouth, and Campari.

Chapter 3: A Cinematic Masterpiece

Matteo Garrone, the critically acclaimed Italian director, skillfully brings Entering Red to life. Known for his poetic approach and captivating storytelling, Garrone’s vision adds depth and beauty to the film. The stunning locations of Milan, including the breathtaking Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and the iconic Duomo, are transformed into a sea of ‘Campari red’ to commemorate this special occasion. The film’s cinematography captures the essence of Milan, its historical landmarks, and the allure of Campari.

Chapter 4: The Power of Representation

Ana De Armas’s role in Entering Red goes beyond just captivating storytelling. As the first Latin American-born ambassador to star in Campari’s Red Diaries series, De Armas represents diversity, creativity, and the importance of taking risks. Her portrayal of a strong, empowered female protagonist aligns with the current conversation surrounding positive representation for women in the entertainment industry. De Armas’s character serves as an inspiration for audiences, encouraging them to follow their passions and challenge societal expectations.

Chapter 5: A Global Celebration

The release of Entering Red marks the beginning of a year-long celebration of the Negroni’s centenary. Campari has planned a series of events around the world to honor this milestone. During Negroni Week, Florence will host key celebrations to pay homage to the birthplace of the Negroni and the Campari enthusiast who created it. Bartenders from all corners of the globe will also join the festivities, showcasing their unique twists on the classic Negroni recipe, each with its own captivating story.

Chapter 6: Behind the Scenes

The making of Entering Red was a collaborative effort that brought together talented individuals from various backgrounds. Ana De Armas, known for her roles in films such as “Blade Runner 2049,” embraced the opportunity to work with Matteo Garrone, whom she had long admired. The collaboration allowed De Armas to fulfill her dream of working with the renowned Italian director and explore the vibrant city of Milan. The film’s cast and crew, along with the passionate brand Campari, created something truly special in honor of the Negroni’s centenary.

Chapter 7: Campari’s Commitment to Artistry

Campari has a rich history of collaborating with artists and filmmakers, and Entering Red exemplifies their commitment to creativity and self-expression. This short film is part of Campari’s Red Diaries series, which aims to showcase the brand’s belief that every cocktail tells a story. By merging the worlds of mixology, cinematography, and storytelling, Campari continues to push boundaries and find new ways to captivate audiences.

Chapter 8: Inspiring Audiences

The power of storytelling lies in its ability to inspire and evoke emotions. Entering Red does just that, taking viewers on a captivating journey through the lens of Campari. The film encourages audiences to embrace their passions, follow their curiosity, and challenge themselves to step outside their comfort zones. Through the character of Ana, viewers are reminded of the importance of self-discovery and the transformative power of embracing one’s true identity.

Chapter 9: A Toast to the Negroni

As the film culminates, Ana’s journey leads her to a bar that represents the essence of Campari and the spirit of the Negroni. Here, the Red Hands, expert bartenders, guide her through the process of creating the perfect Negroni. The combination of gin, red vermouth, and Campari harmoniously blend together, creating N100, a tribute to the Negroni’s centenary. This celebration serves as a reminder of the enduring legacy of this iconic cocktail and its place in cocktail culture.

Chapter 10: A Global Release

Entering Red is available globally on Campari’s official YouTube channel and social media platforms. The film’s release was met with excitement and anticipation, with a red carpet premiere held in Milan. Ana De Armas, dressed in an elegant red dress by Versace, graced the event alongside other notable guests. The global release ensures that audiences around the world can experience the allure and magic of Entering Red and join in the celebration of the Negroni’s centenary.

Chapter 11: Campari’s Red Diaries Legacy

Since its inception in 2017, Campari’s Red Diaries series has redefined the concept of a calendar, transforming it into a 360-degree storytelling experience. The short films produced under the Red Diaries banner capture the essence of Campari’s mantra that “every cocktail tells a story.” Through these films, Campari continues to showcase its commitment to the art of mixology, while also celebrating the cultural and historical significance of iconic cocktails.

Chapter 12: A Call to Adventure

Entering Red serves as a call to adventure for audiences worldwide. It invites them to embrace the world of Campari, explore the captivating city of Milan, and celebrate the Negroni’s centenary. The film embodies the spirit of Campari, inspiring viewers to embark on their own creative journeys, challenge perceptions, and push the boundaries of what is possible. With its captivating storytelling, breathtaking visuals, and a talented cast and crew, Entering Red is a testament to the power of cinema and the enduring legacy of the Negroni.


Entering Red is not just a short film but a celebration of the Negroni’s centenary and the art of storytelling. Through the collaboration of talented individuals and the captivating vision of Matteo Garrone, the film brings the essence of Campari to life. It serves as an invitation for audiences to explore the world of Campari, embrace their passions, and celebrate the enduring legacy of the Negroni. As viewers embark on this cinematic journey, they are reminded of the power of storytelling and the transformative impact it can have on our lives. So raise a glass, enter the world of Entering Red, and join in the global celebration of the Negroni. Cheers!

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  • The force of narrating lies in its capacity to motivate and summon feelings. Entering Red does exactly that, taking watchers on an enthralling excursion from the perspective of Campari. The film urges crowds to embrace their interests, follow their interest, and challenge themselves to step outside their usual ranges of familiarity. Through the personality of Ana, watchers are helped to remember the significance of self-disclosure and the extraordinary force of embracing one’s actual character.