• Country: Canada
  • Initial release: September 10, 2014 (Canada)
  • Film Director: Santiago Menghini
  • Running Time: 10 Minutes
  • IMDB Grade: 6.0

Welcome to cMovie Asia’s in-depth exploration of the haunting and suspenseful world of the 2014 short film, “Intruders,” directed by Santiago Menghini. In this review article, we will delve into the sinister and mysterious storyline, the captivating visuals, and the masterful execution of this spine-chilling film. Join us as we unravel the secrets behind this haunting tale and discover why “Intruders” has left audiences on the edge of their seats.

Synopsis: A Sinister Presence Unleashed

“Intruders” takes place in the aftermath of a deadly haunting in a small suburban home. A sinister omnipresent entity emerges, wreaking havoc in the lives of a young boy, an unsuspecting teen, and an absent-minded inspector. This supernatural force infiltrates their private lives, leaving a trail of mystery, fear, and uncertainty in its wake.

The Three Segments: Unveiling the Intrusions

The film is divided into three distinct segments, each showcasing a different intrusion by the malevolent entity. The first segment, titled “5:45 A.M.,” introduces us to the aftermath of a horrifying event in the suburban home. The interior is in disarray, and the lifeless body of an older woman sits on the couch. Outside, vandals make a hasty retreat, pelting the windows with eggs.

The second segment, “Jacov,” follows one of the vandals as he seeks refuge in his high-rise apartment. As the snow falls gently outside, he becomes aware of a strange presence lurking in the shadows. The tension builds as the entity targets him with terrifying speed and intensity.

In the final segment, “Inspector,” an investigator enters the disheveled home to unravel the mysteries of the deadly haunting. As he meticulously examines the scene, he begins to sense that he is not alone. The suspense escalates, leading to a climactic finale that leaves audiences breathless.

The Strengths and Shortcomings: A Critical Analysis

While “Intruders” has garnered praise for its atmospheric storytelling and captivating visuals, it is not without its flaws. In the first segment, “Little Boy,” some viewers felt that crucial pieces of information were missing, leaving them wanting more backstory and clarity. However, the segment still managed to create a sense of unease and had excellent atmosphere and cinematography.

On the other hand, the second segment, “Jacov,” received high praise for its perfect execution. It had a well-developed narrative, strong atmospheric elements, and exceptional acting. The eerie and suspenseful build-up, along with the climactic moments, made it the standout segment of the film.

The third segment, “Inspector,” was deemed suspenseful and atmospheric, but some viewers felt that it lacked a satisfying climax. Fleshing out the entity’s backstory or exploring the inspector’s connection to the original haunting could have added more depth to the storyline. Nonetheless, the musical scoring, cinematography, and acting were commendable throughout the film.

Cohesiveness and Visual Excellence

One of the notable aspects of “Intruders” is its cohesiveness, despite the three distinct segments. The film begins and ends in the same location, creating a sense of continuity and a feeling that each segment is interconnected. This narrative choice adds to the overall intrigue and allure of the film.

Director of Photography, Ray Lavers, deserves praise for bringing the visuals to life. The disheveled interior of the suburban home, bathed in shadows, evokes a haunting atmosphere akin to a mausoleum. The use of lighting, both from outside streetlights and strategically placed sources, accentuates the horrors within. Each shot is meticulously composed, reminiscent of classic chiaroscuro paintings, adding to the film’s visual storytelling prowess.

Creating Dread Through Subtlety

“Intruders” sets itself apart from typical horror films by relying on subtle techniques to instill dread in the audience. Jump scares and gratuitous gore take a backseat, allowing the film to focus on pacing, visuals, and sound to create an unnerving experience. The absence of dialogue provides a sense of isolation and heightens the tension, making every sound and visual cue more impactful.

The sound design, helmed by Pascal Plante, adds a delicate subtlety to the cold atmosphere. Soft winds blowing outside and the absence of jarring jump scares allow the audience to sink deeper into the eerie and unsettling world of “Intruders.” The subdued score by Hugo Mayrand creeps in and out of silence, enhancing key moments with a sense of impending doom.

Awards and Recognition

“Intruders” has received accolades and recognition from various film festivals, cementing its status as a notable work in the genre. It premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2014 and went on to be screened at festivals such as Screamfest LA, Slamdance International Film Festival, and Fantasia International Film Festival. The film’s director, Santiago Menghini, garnered praise for his exceptional direction, solidifying his position as a promising talent in the horror genre.

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  • “Intruders” is a masterclass in atmospheric horror, captivating audiences with its unsettling storyline, exceptional visuals, and skillful execution. Despite some minor shortcomings, the film excels in creating a sense of dread and suspense through subtlety and impeccable craftsmanship. As the sinister entity infiltrates the lives of its victims, viewers are left on the edge of their seats, craving answers and fearing the unknown. “Intruders” is a must-watch for horror enthusiasts who appreciate a thought-provoking and visually stunning cinematic experience.