• Country: United States
  • Initial release: April 28, 2022 (United States)
  • Film Director: David Love and Melissa Scrivner-Love
  • Running Time: 15 Minutes
  • IMDB Grade: 6.7

Lights dim, heart races, and suspense fills the air as the 2022 horror short film “Creeper” takes center stage. Directed by Melissa Scrivner-Love and David Love, this gripping tale follows the harrowing journey of a teenage boy from a broken home as he unravels the enigma behind his silent stalker. With a stellar cast including Amy Acker, James Carpinello, and the introduction of their real-life son, Jack Carpinello, “Creeper” captivates audiences with its chilling narrative and spine-tingling plot twists.

Uncovering the Nightmarish World of “Creeper”

In the depths of darkness, “Creeper” immerses viewers in a world where survival hangs by a thread. The story centers around Jason, a troubled teenager grappling with the shattered fragments of his family life. As he navigates the complexities of his broken home, an unknown figure begins to stalk him relentlessly, shrouded in silence. Desperate to protect himself and unravel the mystery, Jason embarks on a treacherous journey that will test his resilience and unearth shocking truths.

A Stellar Cast and Creative Team

Behind the scenes, “Creeper” boasts an impressive lineup of talent. Amy Acker, known for her roles in “Angel,” “Cabin In The Woods,” and “Person of Interest,” delivers a captivating performance as she portrays a pivotal character in Jason’s tumultuous world. James Carpinello, recognized for his appearances in “The Punisher,” “Gotham,” and “The Blacklist,” brings depth and intensity to his role, adding layers of complexity to the narrative. Furthermore, the introduction of Jack Carpinello adds a unique dynamic to the film, showcasing the undeniable chemistry and talent within the Carpinello family.

A Riveting and Twisted Narrative

“Creeper” takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, as the story unfolds with unexpected twists and turns. The film delves into the dark underbelly of abusive relationships, shedding light on the profound impact they have on individuals, especially children. Jason’s chaotic home life, characterized by fighting parents and an abusive father, serves as a haunting backdrop for the suspenseful events that follow. The film explores the immense toll that abuse takes on its victims, highlighting the silent struggles endured by those trapped in such situations.

The Unraveling of Secrets and the Pursuit of Survival

As the plot thickens, Jason’s relentless pursuit of the truth leads him down a treacherous path. The mysterious figure tailing him becomes increasingly intertwined with his own life, blurring the lines between reality and nightmare. The tension escalates to a crescendo, culminating in a heart-pounding climax that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats. Through Jason’s journey, “Creeper” explores themes of resilience, self-discovery, and the indomitable spirit of survival in the face of unimaginable adversity.

Recognition and Acclaim

Since its release, “Creeper” has garnered significant attention within the film festival circuit. The short film was selected as an official entry at numerous prestigious festivals, including Panic Fest, Cinequest, HollyShorts, and Horrorhound. At Horrorhound, “Creeper” earned a staggering eight award nominations, including Best Short. This recognition is a testament to the film’s exceptional storytelling, masterful direction, and the outstanding performances delivered by the cast.

The Talented Minds Behind the Camera

Melissa Scrivner-Love and David Love, the talented duo responsible for directing “Creeper,” bring their creative vision to life with finesse. David Love’s expertise as a screenwriter shines through in the captivating script, weaving a web of suspense and intrigue that keeps audiences hooked from start to finish. Behind the lens, cinematographer Jamie Prescott captures the essence of the film, heightening the atmosphere of tension and fear. The seamless collaboration of the entire creative team ensures a truly immersive and unforgettable viewing experience.

Bringing Horror to the Big Screen: HorrorFest International

“Creeper” is just one of many exceptional horror films making waves in the industry. The HorrorFest International Film Festival, now celebrating its 20th anniversary, has been a platform for both classic and emerging horror filmmakers. This renowned festival showcases a diverse selection of films, including feature-length movies and short films from around the world. With a rich history of promoting the genre and championing new voices in horror, HorrorFest International continues to captivate audiences and push the boundaries of fear.

A Must-Watch for Horror Enthusiasts

For fans of horror and suspense, “Creeper” is a must-watch. Its gripping narrative, stellar cast, and expertly crafted direction combine to create an immersive experience that will leave audiences craving more. The film’s exploration of abuse, survival, and the unraveling of secrets adds depth and complexity to the story, elevating it beyond a typical horror short. With its accolades and recognition within the industry, “Creeper” solidifies its place as a standout addition to the horror genre.

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  • In the realm of horror, “Creeper” stands tall as a testament to the genre’s ability to captivate, thrill, and delve into the darkest corners of the human experience. With its compelling narrative, talented cast, and skilled direction, the film immerses viewers in a world of suspense and terror. Through the eyes of Jason, audiences witness the harrowing journey of a teenage boy from a broken home as he confronts his silent stalker and unravels the mysteries that lie beneath the surface. “Creeper” is a testament to the power of storytelling and the enduring allure of the horror genre.