• Country: Spain
  • Initial release: March 2015
  • Film Director: Alejandro Suárez Lozano
  • Running Time: 20 Minutes
  • IMDB Grade: 6.5

In the world of short films, there are those that come and go, and then there are those that leave a lasting impression. “The Fisherman,” directed by Alejandro Suárez Lozano, falls into the latter category. This captivating horror short film takes viewers on a thrilling journey into the life of Mr. Wong, a third-generation fisherman in Hong Kong. Struggling to keep his fishing tradition alive, Wong’s luck takes a dark turn one fateful night when he catches something that defies explanation.

2015 The Fisherman Poster

A Unique Storyline and Impressive Awards

“The Fisherman” made waves in the short film circuit, garnering 13 “Best of Show” awards, including recognition at prestigious film festivals such as the Nevermore Film Festival and The New York Horror Film Festival. What sets this film apart is not only its captivating storyline but also its unique combination of elements. Filmed in Hong Kong with Chinese American actors and recorded in Cantonese, “The Fisherman” brings a fresh perspective to the horror genre.

The Vision and Production

Director Alejandro Suárez Lozano’s vision for “The Fisherman” was initially set in his hometown in Spain. However, after moving to Hong Kong, he was captivated by the city’s juxtaposition of skyscrapers and sea shantytowns, prompting him to change the setting and make it a Hong Kong story. This decision adds a layer of authenticity to the film, showcasing the city’s vibrant atmosphere.

The production of “The Fisherman” was no small feat. With a small crew, including the talented VFX team at Onirikal Studio, Lozano and his team managed to create stunning visuals that rival those of big-budget Hollywood productions. The attention to detail and the seamless integration of visual effects into the story make “The Fisherman” a visual spectacle.

The Plot Unfolds

The film follows the story of Mr. Wong, a fisherman who is determined to prove his worth and keep his family’s tradition alive. Faced with financial struggles and ridicule from his fellow sailors, Wong embarks on a daring adventure, leaving the crowded waters of the harbor to fish in calmer waters. Little does he know that this decision will change his life forever.

As Wong ventures further into the sea, the weather takes a turn for the worse, and a strange anomaly occurs. Something otherworldly emerges from the depths of the ocean, and Wong finds himself face to face with a creature that defies all logic and reason. The tension builds as Wong fights for his life and tries to make sense of the unimaginable.

Impressive Cinematography and Production Design

One of the standout aspects of “The Fisherman” is its stunning visuals. The cinematography captures the essence of Hong Kong, showcasing both its bustling cityscape and the haunting beauty of its sea shantytowns. The attention to detail in the production design adds depth and authenticity to the film, immersing viewers in Wong’s world.

The Monster: A Visual Masterpiece

No horror film is complete without a terrifying creature, and “The Fisherman” delivers on that front. The monster in this short film is a true visual masterpiece, surpassing the expectations of even the most seasoned horror enthusiasts. The VFX team at Onirikal Studio deserves praise for their exceptional work, creating a creature that is both awe-inspiring and terrifying.

The Impact and Future of “The Fisherman”

“The Fisherman” has made a significant impact on the short film circuit, captivating audiences around the world with its unique blend of horror and storytelling. The film’s success has paved the way for director Alejandro Suárez Lozano to pursue a feature-length adaptation of “The Fisherman” titled “Mogwai.” With the talent and creativity showcased in the short film, it is no doubt that “Mogwai” will be a highly anticipated project.


In the world of short films, “The Fisherman” stands out as a true gem. With its captivating storyline, impressive visuals, and talented cast and crew, this horror short film provides a thrilling and unforgettable viewing experience. Director Alejandro Suárez Lozano’s vision and attention to detail make “The Fisherman” a testament to the power of storytelling and the potential of short films to leave a lasting impact.

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