• Country: United Kingdom
  • Initial release: November 1, 2021 (United Kingdom)
  • Film Director: Ed Wiles
  • Running Time: 5 Minutes
  • IMDB Grade: 8.5

In the vast realm of science fiction, a new short film has emerged to captivate audiences and spread awareness about a pressing issue in today’s society – veganism. “You Eat Other Animals?” is a comedic masterpiece written and directed by vegan filmmaker Ed Wiles. Starring the talented Evanna Lynch, known for her role as Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series, this five-minute sci-fi comedy takes viewers on an intergalactic adventure that challenges our animal-based eating habits. Premiering on YouTube on World Vegan Day, this film aims to shed light on the impact of animal agriculture and encourage viewers to consider a more compassionate lifestyle.

The Plot

Set aboard an alien spaceship, “You Eat Other Animals?” introduces us to two highly evolved alien beings who stumble upon two carefree human men. Eager to share the wonders of the universe, the aliens soon discover the shocking truth about Earthlings – their reliance on animal products for sustenance. What follows is a comedic exploration of the conflicts and contradictions inherent in our relationship with animals, as the aliens grapple with the ethical implications of our dietary choices. Through clever dialogue and humorous situations, the film prompts viewers to reflect on their own habits and consider the consequences of their actions.

The Inspiration Behind the Film

Ed Wiles, the brilliant mind behind “You Eat Other Animals?”, conceived the idea for this film after years of contemplation. Originally envisioned as a dramatic piece, Wiles recognized the power of comedy in delivering a meaningful message without coming across as preachy. By infusing humor into the narrative, Wiles aimed to reach a wider audience, including both vegans and omnivores. Humor has a unique ability to disarm and engage viewers, allowing them to consider new perspectives without feeling attacked or judged. Wiles believes that comedy provides a subtler platform to discuss important topics like veganism and encourages viewers to challenge societal norms.

Evanna Lynch’s Role

Evanna Lynch, an ardent vegan and animal rights activist, was the perfect choice to bring the character of the vegan alien queen to life. Wiles, well-aware of Lynch’s dedication to veganism, approached her with the script. Lynch’s social media presence and advocacy for animal rights made her an obvious choice for the role. Despite Wiles’ nerves during their initial meeting, Lynch eagerly agreed to join the project, recognizing the opportunity to combine her passion for acting with her commitment to animal rights. Her portrayal of the vegan alien queen adds depth and authenticity to the film, amplifying its impact and resonating with viewers on a profound level.

Spreading Awareness Through Humor

Comedy has long been recognized as a powerful tool for social commentary. By using humor to address sensitive topics such as veganism, “You Eat Other Animals?” opens up a dialogue that may have otherwise been met with defensiveness or resistance. Wiles believes that by presenting thought-provoking ideas in a lighthearted and entertaining manner, the film has a greater chance of influencing viewers positively. It allows individuals to examine their own beliefs and behaviors without feeling attacked, fostering a sense of empathy and understanding.

In Wiles’ own words, “Comedy lets you say something meaningful in a more subtle way – you don’t come across as too righteous while saying it.” By avoiding a preachy tone, the film invites viewers to explore their own perspectives and make informed choices about their diets and lifestyles.

The Impact of Animal Agriculture

“You Eat Other Animals?” not only entertains with its comedic elements but also sheds light on the often-ignored realities of animal agriculture. The film serves as a stark reminder of the ethical dilemmas surrounding our treatment of animals for food. Through the eyes of the alien characters, viewers are confronted with the harsh truth of factory farming, the destruction of habitats, and the exploitation of sentient beings. By juxtaposing these realities with humor, the film prompts viewers to question the status quo and consider the consequences of their dietary choices.

Donating to Animal Charities

Beyond its artistic and entertainment value, “You Eat Other Animals?” also carries a philanthropic mission. As a self-funded project, the film’s profits will be donated to animal charities, furthering the cause of animal welfare and promoting compassion towards all living beings. This commitment to give back demonstrates the filmmakers’ dedication to creating lasting change and supporting organizations that work tirelessly to protect and advocate for animals.

Evanna Lynch’s Vegan Activism

Evanna Lynch’s involvement in “You Eat Other Animals?” is not limited to her on-screen portrayal. As a passionate vegan and animal rights activist, Lynch has dedicated her time and platform to promoting veganism and cruelty-free living. Alongside her acting career, she hosts the vegan podcast “Chickpeeps” and has even launched a cruelty-free beauty subscription box. As an ambassador for Veganuary, Lynch actively encourages individuals to embrace a plant-based lifestyle and showcases the benefits of compassionate choices.

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  • “You Eat Other Animals?” is more than just a sci-fi comedy – it’s a catalyst for change. Through its clever storytelling, brilliant performances, and philanthropic endeavors, this short film sparks conversations about our relationship with animals and challenges societal norms. By embracing humor and lightheartedness, the film invites viewers to reflect on their own choices and consider the impact of their dietary habits. As we celebrate World Vegan Day, let “You Eat Other Animals?” serve as a reminder that our choices have consequences and that compassion can extend beyond our own species.