• Country: United States / Canada
  • Initial release: March 22, 2016
  • Film Director: Jeff Chan
  • Running Time: 10 Minutes
  • IMDB Grade: 7.3

In a world saturated with superhero movies, it’s refreshing to come across a film that offers a unique and grounded take on the genre. Code 8, directed by Jeff Chan and inspired by his 2016 short film of the same name, presents a captivating story set in a society where individuals with special abilities are marginalized and face discrimination. This article delves into the intriguing premise, the talented cast, and the impressive world-building that sets Code 8 apart from other superhero films.

The Plot and Characters

Code 8 takes place in the fictional city of Lincoln City, where a significant portion of the population possesses extraordinary abilities. However, these individuals, known as metahumans, live on the fringes of society, facing poverty and constant surveillance from a militarized police force. The film centers around Connor Reed, played by Robbie Amell, a construction worker with electric powers who turns to a life of crime to pay for his mother’s escalating medical bills. As Connor falls deeper into the criminal underworld, he joins a group of superpowered thieves led by Garrett, portrayed by Stephen Amell. Together, they navigate a world filled with danger and injustice, all while trying to survive and protect their loved ones.

The Unique Blend of Genres

Code 8 is a refreshing departure from traditional superhero movies. Rather than focusing on world-saving missions, the film explores the intricacies of a heist thriller, with a strong emphasis on character development. Chris Crane, the movie’s production designer, describes Code 8 as “less a superhero movie and more a heist thriller with a slice of the fantastical.” While the film features thrilling action sequences and showcases the characters’ extraordinary abilities, it remains firmly rooted in the struggles and motivations of its complex and relatable characters. This blend of genres creates a captivating narrative that keeps audiences engaged from start to finish.

The World of Lincoln City

One of the standout aspects of Code 8 is its immersive world-building. The film presents a dystopian vision of Lincoln City, where the division between the powered and non-powered individuals is stark. Chris Crane, the production designer, explains that they aimed to differentiate between the two sides of society through visual cues. The not-so-nice parts of the city are depicted with warm tones, clutter, graffiti, and natural light sources, while the “good” part of society is characterized by sleek concrete structures, harsher colors, and LED light sources. These visual contrasts effectively convey the stark disparities within the world of Code 8 and add depth to the storytelling.

The Passion Project of the Amell Cousins

Code 8 is a passion project for cousins Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell, who not only star in the film but also played essential roles in bringing it to life. The project began with a highly successful Indiegogo campaign that raised over $2 million, demonstrating the enthusiasm and support of fans. The crowdfunding nature of the film allowed for greater creative freedom and engagement with the community. Chris Crane, the production designer, recounts the excitement of having set visits from Indiegogo contributors and the opportunity to collaborate with junior producers who were passionate about the project. This level of involvement and dedication from the cast and crew shines through in the final product.

The Impact of the Short Film

Code 8 began as a short film in 2016, directed by Jeff Chan. The success and positive reception of the short film paved the way for the full-length feature. While Chris Crane, the production designer, was not involved in the short film, he drew inspiration from its mood and feel when designing the world for the feature film. The short film provided a strong foundation for the expanded story in the feature film, introducing additional elements such as addiction issues, extreme prejudice, and a larger cast of characters. The transition from a short film to a full-length feature demonstrates the potential and impact of Code 8‘s story and themes.

The Talented Cast

Code 8 boasts a talented and diverse cast that brings the characters to life with conviction and depth. Robbie Amell delivers a compelling performance as Connor Reed, capturing the desperation and determination of a man willing to compromise his morals for the sake of his mother’s wellbeing. Stephen Amell, known for his role as Oliver Queen in Arrow, portrays Garrett, the leader of the group of superpowered thieves, with charisma and intensity. Sung Kang, Aaron Abrams, and Chad Donella round out the cast, each bringing a unique presence to their respective roles. The strong performances from the cast elevate the film and contribute to the immersive experience of Code 8.

The Indiegogo Success Story

The success of Code 8 on Indiegogo is a testament to the loyal fanbase and the support for unique and independent projects. The campaign raised over $2 million, surpassing its initial goal and enabling the production to bring the vision to life. The crowdfunding nature of the film allowed for direct engagement with the contributors, who became a part of the journey and had the opportunity to visit the set and witness the production firsthand. This level of community involvement and support adds an extra layer of significance to Code 8 and showcases the power of dedicated fans in making a project a reality.

The Technical Achievements

Code 8 impresses with its technical achievements, particularly in the realm of visual effects and production design. The film seamlessly blends practical effects with CGI to create a visually stunning world. The superpowers and abilities of the characters are brought to life with skillful visual effects, immersing the audience in the fantastical elements of the story. The production design, spearheaded by Chris Crane, effectively captures the contrasting atmospheres of different parts of Lincoln City, conveying the societal divisions within the world of Code 8. These technical achievements contribute to the overall immersive experience of the film.

The Future of Code 8

Code 8 has garnered a dedicated fanbase and has received positive reviews for its unique take on the superhero genre. The success of the film has opened up opportunities for further exploration of the world and its characters. There are plans for a TV series adaptation of Code 8, which will allow for a more in-depth exploration of the story and the lives of the characters. The TV series promises to delve into the gritty and complex world of Code 8 and further captivate audiences with its compelling narrative and engaging characters.


Code 8 stands out as a refreshing and exciting addition to the superhero genre. With its unique blend of genres, immersive world-building, talented cast, and technical achievements, the film offers a captivating and thought-provoking experience. The passion and dedication of the cast and crew, coupled with the support of the enthusiastic fanbase, have propelled Code 8 from a successful short film to a full-length feature and paved the way for an upcoming TV series adaptation. Code 8 showcases the power of independent filmmaking and the endless possibilities of storytelling within the superhero genre.

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  • “Code 8” started as a short movie in 2016, coordinated by Jeff Chan. The achievement and positive gathering of the short film made ready for the full-length include. While Chris Crane, the creation fashioner, was not associated with the short film, he drew motivation from its state of mind and feel while planning the world for the element film. The short film gave areas of strength for a to the extended story in the component film, presenting extra components, for example, dependence issues, outrageous bias, and a bigger cast of characters. The progress from a short film to a full-length include exhibits the potential and effect of Code 8’s story and subjects.