• Country: United Arab Emirates
  • Initial release: October 2019 (United States)
  • Film Director: Faisal Hashmi
  • Running Time: 8 Minutes
  • IMDB Grade: 6.0

In the cinematic universe, there are tales that captivate audiences with their spookiness, suspense and thrill, and one such creation is Faisal Hashmi’s 2019 horror short film, Wicken. This film, albeit short in its duration, packs a punch with its plotline, creating a gripping narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

The Plot

The storyline of Wicken revolves around a young woman who, while Skyping with her distant boyfriend late into the night, becomes conscious of a sinister ancient entity that might have been set loose upon her. This intriguing narrative, although concise, serves as a compelling standalone horror short and a springboard for a larger feature film exploring the mythology of the entity.

Wicken is a chilling narrative of fear, suspense, and the supernatural, making it a must-watch for thrill-seekers and horror enthusiasts.

The Cast & Crew

The film features an ensemble cast including Nour Safieh, Stuart Richard, Hanna Liatsko, and Sally Mourad. Their performances, albeit in a short film, are commendable and add depth to the storyline. Directed, written, and edited by Faisal Hashmi, the film showcases his expertise in the genre of horror.

Technical Aspects

The technical facets of Wicken, such as sound recording, design, and mix by Kane Rodrigues; make-up and special effects by Abrar Nour; and Wicken Illustration by Anton Rosovsky, further enhance the film’s immersive experience and augment its horror quotient.

Release and Reception

Released in 2019, Wicken has received an array of reviews from audiences and critics alike. Despite its brief duration of just 8 minutes, it leaves a significant impact on viewers with its effective storytelling and high production values.

Unfolding the Narrative

In the narrative of Wicken, the protagonist’s late-night Skype call with her long-distance boyfriend takes an eerie turn when she realizes the potential unleashing of an ancient, malevolent entity. This sets the premise for a suspense-filled storyline that intensifies with each passing minute.

Reviews and Critiques

The reviews for Wicken have been mixed, with some lauding its effective storytelling and others critiquing it for its limitations in acting and production. Despite these critiques, many viewers found the film’s premise and execution intriguing and recommended it for its one chilling shot that held them spellbound.

Festival Selections

The film has been an official selection at several film festivals including Emirates Short Film Festival, White Oryx International Film Festival, and Middle East Film and Comic Con 2019, among others. This recognition further testifies to the film’s merit and its appeal to horror film enthusiasts.

Influences and Comparisons

Some viewers found the narrative of Wicken reminiscent of popular horror films like The Ring and It Follows, attributing its storyline to the trend of “Internet” horror films. Despite these comparisons, Wicken stands out with its unique premise and the manner in which it brings the horror to life.

The Age Restriction

Please note that Wicken is not suitable for viewers under 18 years of age. This age restriction is testament to the film’s intense horror sequences that might not be appropriate for a younger audience.

The Director’s Vision

Faisal Hashmi’s vision for Wicken was to create a standalone horror short that could also serve as a proof of concept for a larger feature film exploring the entity’s mythology. His vision is evident in the film’s narrative and execution, making Wicken a noteworthy addition to the horror genre.

The Wicken Entity

The entity in Wicken is an ancient evil presence, creating a sense of fear and suspense throughout the film. This malevolent entity is central to the film’s storyline and contributes significantly to its horror element.

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  • Despite being a short film, Wicken leaves a lasting impression on viewers with its chilling narrative, effective storytelling, and immersive horror sequences. It’s a testament to the potential that short films hold in creating suspense and thrill, making them a worthwhile watch for horror enthusiasts.

    Wicken proves that horror can be effectively conveyed in a short duration, creating a gripping narrative that keeps viewers on tenterhooks