• Country: Norway
  • Initial release: February 2017 (United Kingdom)
  • Film Director: Adam Losurdo
  • Running Time: 12 Minutes
  • IMDB Grade: 6.9

Lights, camera, laughter! In 2017, the silver screen was graced with a plethora of comedy movies that had audiences rolling in the aisles. From hilarious tales of zombies to heartwarming stories of love and redemption, the comedy genre in 2017 offered something for everyone. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the standout comedy movies of 2017 and explore why they captured the hearts and funny bones of audiences worldwide.

1. “Hope” by Adam Losurdo: A Zombie Comedy Like No Other

One comedy movie that left audiences craving for more was “Hope” directed by Adam Losurdo. Set in a world where a zombie virus has infected half the population, “Hope” takes a unique and refreshing approach to the zombie genre. The film follows the story of Karl, a senseless wandering ghoul, as he navigates a world of hungry undead and resentful humans.

1.1 A Tale of Love and Reunion

Karl, played brilliantly by Herman Ljung Opedal, is a lonely undead soul desperately searching for his girlfriend, Hope, against all odds. Along his journey, he faces relentless harassment from two girls on bikes who attack him and bury him alive in an open grave. But Karl’s determination knows no bounds, and he manages to dig his way out, only to be rescued by a fellow female zombie.

1.2 A Darkly Comic Exploration of Humanity

“Hope” delves deep into the themes of love, loss, bravery, and the dark reality of humanity. Through Karl’s eyes, we witness the cruelty and prejudice that he faces from both the undead and the living. The film’s powerful narrative, delivered seamlessly by Joe Pike, gives voice to Karl’s emotions and struggles, despite the absence of dialogue from the on-screen actors.

1.3 Gruesome Prosthetics and Memorable Characters

One of the highlights of “Hope” is the exceptional makeup and prosthetics that bring the zombies to life. Karl and Hope, portrayed by Tonje Brattås, not only look gruesomely realistic but also exhibit a delicate balance of innocence and naivety that endears them to the audience. The film also includes clever touches, such as a lady reading Max Brooks’ “The Zombie Survival Guide” on a park bench, adding a touch of humor amidst the chaos.

1.4 Awards and Critical Acclaim

It comes as no surprise that “Hope” has garnered critical acclaim and won several awards. The film’s ability to engage and evoke a range of emotions in just 12 minutes is a testament to Adam Losurdo’s exceptional storytelling skills. While the audience may yearn for a longer runtime, the impact and message of “Hope” are undeniably powerful, leaving viewers both entertained and introspective.

2. Comedy Movies That Pushed Boundaries

In addition to “Hope,” 2017 saw the release of several comedy movies that dared to push the boundaries of the genre. These films tackled unconventional subjects with wit, humor, and a touch of irreverence, leaving audiences both shocked and entertained.

2.1 “The Sex Talk”: Uncomfortable Conversations and Hilarity Ensue

One such film that dared to tackle a taboo topic was “The Sex Talk.” Directed by an up-and-coming filmmaker, this comedy explores the awkwardness and discomfort of parents trying to have the infamous “sex talk” with their teenage daughter. Filled with cringe-worthy moments and hilarious misunderstandings, “The Sex Talk” expertly navigates the delicate balance between comedy and real-life issues.

2.2 “LOVE ROBOT”: A Futuristic Take on Loneliness and Love

“LOVE ROBOT” takes audiences on a journey into a futuristic world where a young man seeks companionship by purchasing one of the first versions of a female love robot. This offbeat comedy explores themes of loneliness, technology, and the complexities of human emotions. As the protagonist embarks on this unusual path to find love, hilarious and unexpected situations arise, making “LOVE ROBOT” a standout comedy of 2017.

2.3 “Shiners”: An Insight into the World of Shoe Shining

In a departure from traditional comedy narratives, “Shiners” takes viewers on a global journey to explore the often overlooked profession of shoe shining. From Tokyo to La Paz, New York to Sarajevo, this documentary-style comedy introduces us to the men and women who make their living cleaning our shoes. With humor and heart, “Shiners” sheds light on the lives and stories of these unsung heroes.

3. The Power of Comedy: Laughter as a Universal Language

Comedy movies have a unique ability to transcend cultural and language barriers, bringing people together through laughter. Whether it’s a heartfelt story of love and redemption or a quirky take on unconventional subjects, comedy has the power to entertain, enlighten, and even inspire change.

3.1 The Universal Appeal of Laughter

Laughter is a universal language that knows no boundaries. It has the power to bridge gaps, break down barriers, and create connections between people from diverse backgrounds. Comedy movies, with their ability to elicit laughter and evoke a range of emotions, have the potential to bring people together and foster a sense of unity and understanding.

3.2 Tackling Serious Issues with Humor

Comedy has a unique way of addressing serious and sensitive topics by injecting humor into the narrative. By presenting these issues in a comedic light, filmmakers can engage audiences in a way that encourages reflection, empathy, and dialogue. Comedy movies like “The Sex Talk” and “LOVE ROBOT” exemplify this approach, using humor to explore complex themes and spark conversations.

3.3 Comedy as an Escape and a Catalyst for Change

In a world filled with challenges and uncertainties, comedy provides a much-needed escape. It allows us to momentarily forget our worries and immerse ourselves in a world of laughter and entertainment. However, comedy movies can also serve as a catalyst for change by shedding light on societal issues and prompting viewers to reflect on their own beliefs and actions.

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  • The comedy movies of 2017 captured the hearts and funny bones of audiences worldwide. From the unique take on the zombie genre in “Hope” to the boundary-pushing narratives of “The Sex Talk” and “LOVE ROBOT,” these films showcased the power of comedy to entertain, educate, and inspire. As we delve into the world of comedy, let us not forget the profound impact laughter can have on our lives – a reminder that even in the face of challenges, humor can be a powerful tool for connection and understanding.