• Country: United Netherlands
  • Initial release: April 4, 2019 (Netherlands)
  • Film Director: Andreas Goralczyk
  • Running Time: 8 Minutes
  • IMDB Grade: 7.2

In 2019, the Blender Animation Studio released “Spring,” a captivating and visually stunning animated fantasy short film. Written and directed by Andreas Goralczyk, the film takes viewers on an enchanting journey through the eyes of a young shepherd girl and her loyal dog. Together, they face ancient spirits and embark on a quest to bring about the change of seasons. Made using the open-source software Blender, “Spring” showcases the incredible talent and creativity of the Blender Institute.

The Story of “Spring”

“Spring” is a poetic tale that follows the adventures of a shepherd girl and her dog as they confront ancient spirits. The film draws inspiration from Andreas Goralczyk’s childhood experiences in the mountains of Germany. Through stunning visuals and a compelling narrative, “Spring” explores themes of courage, hope, and the cycle of life.

Production and Crew

The production of “Spring” spanned from October 2017 to March 2019 at the Blender Animation Studio in Amsterdam. Andreas Goralczyk served as the director and also worked on lighting and effects for most parts of the film. Sam Van Hulle handled the lighting and rendering of the chase scene, while Pablo Vazquez contributed to the final ending sequence.

The crew of “Spring” included talented individuals such as Julian Kaspar, who worked on character and environment modeling, and Torin Borrowdale, who composed the captivating music for the film. The collaboration of these skilled professionals brought the world of “Spring” to life.

The Blender Animation Studio and Blender Foundation

“Spring” is the Blender Institute’s 12th “open movie,” a project that aims to showcase the capabilities of Blender and promote open-source software in the animation industry. The film was funded by the Blender Foundation, with contributions from the Blender community. The Blender Animation Studio, based in Amsterdam, provided the resources and infrastructure for the production of “Spring.”

Release and Reception

On April 4, 2019, “Spring” made its debut on YouTube, captivating audiences with its breathtaking visuals and heartfelt story. Since its release, the film has garnered over 7 million views, captivating viewers worldwide with its enchanting animation and compelling storytelling.

“Spring” has received positive reviews, with viewers praising its beautiful visuals, mesmerizing animation, and evocative music. While some wished for a more complex plot, many expressed their fascination with the film’s world and expressed a desire to see more stories set in the same universe.

The Impact of “Spring”

“Spring” has made a significant impact on the animation industry, showcasing the creative possibilities of open-source software like Blender. The film demonstrates that high-quality animation can be achieved with accessible tools and a dedicated team of talented artists and technicians.

Moreover, “Spring” has inspired aspiring animators and filmmakers worldwide, encouraging them to explore their creativity and push the boundaries of storytelling through animation. The film serves as a testament to the power of imagination and the limitless potential of the animation medium.

The Legacy of “Spring”

The legacy of “Spring” extends beyond its captivating story and stunning visuals. As an open movie project, the film’s source files and production materials are available on the Blender Cloud, allowing aspiring animators and Blender users to learn from and explore the techniques used in its creation. This accessibility promotes knowledge sharing and fosters a vibrant community of artists and animators.

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  • “Spring” is a testament to the power of animation to evoke emotions, transport viewers to fantastical worlds, and inspire creativity. Through its captivating story, breathtaking visuals, and memorable characters, the film has left an indelible mark on the animation industry. Aspiring animators and fans of the medium can learn from its production techniques and appreciate the artistry and dedication that went into creating this enchanting short film.