• Country: India
  • Initial release: May 30, 2020 (United States)
  • Film Director: Ketan Pal
  • Running Time: 7 Minutes
  • IMDB Grade: 6.0

In the world of animation and illustration, Ketan Pal is an emerging artist who has captured the hearts of viewers with his charming and relatable artwork. His recent animated short film, ‘One’, has garnered nearly a million views on YouTube, showcasing his talent and creativity. In this article, we delve into the secrets behind Ketan Pal’s rising popularity, the concept behind ‘One’, the challenges he faced during production, and the unique elements that make this film special.

Meet Ketan Pal: The Illustrator and Animator

Ketan Pal, hailing from Dehradun, Uttarakhand, is an accomplished illustrator and animator. Having recently graduated from the renowned MIT Institute of Design, he describes his work style as simple, silly, and relatable. With a charming online presence on Instagram under the handle ‘midnight.kettle’, Ketan shares his comics and animation clips with his growing audience.

Unveiling the Concept of ‘One’

The concept for ‘One’ came to Ketan during a mundane moment in his everyday life. While standing in a queue at a food outlet, he observed a fellow customer searching for lower currency notes despite holding a wad of high-value currency. This incident sparked a realization within Ketan – the importance of every individual and the value they bring to the world. ‘One’ utilizes the analogy of a one rupee coin to convey this message to the audience.

The Production Challenges and New Discoveries

Creating an animated short film comes with its fair share of challenges, and ‘One’ was no exception. Ketan encountered technical hurdles in animation, editing, and sound design. However, one crucial lesson he learned during production was the significance of maintaining an organized workflow. Keeping files and folders well-organized streamlined the creative process and minimized stress. Ketan emphasizes the importance of patience and a fresh mind in the world of animation, comparing it to cracking a joke and waiting for a laugh – a sentiment that resonates with many animators.

A Nostalgic Look at the One Rupee Coin

For many Indians, the one rupee coin holds nostalgic memories. In the past, 25p and 50p coins were also commonplace. Ketan fondly recalls using the one rupee coin for coin tosses during gully cricket matches, where it played a crucial role in determining who bats first. Additionally, the one rupee coin often found its place in traditional shagun envelopes, symbolizing new beginnings. This humble coin holds a special significance in Ketan’s journey as an animator.

The Heart of the Film: A Unique Element

When asked about a special element in the film that holds a special place in his heart, Ketan humorously dismisses the one rupee coin and instead focuses on the fact that ‘One’ is his first-ever animated short film. Completing this film during his student life is an accomplishment that fills him with pride. Ketan believes that celebrating the completion of a first film is crucial, as it signifies the dedication and hard work put into the creative process.

Being a ‘Pahadi’ and Its Influence

As a proud resident of the hills, Ketan finds inspiration in the pahadi culture and seeks to share its stories through his work. While animation presents its own set of challenges and advantages, Ketan believes that they are universal to all animators, regardless of their background. However, he jokingly mentions that animating during winter can be challenging due to the icy cold hands – a small inconvenience that adds a touch of humor to his experiences.

The Response to ‘One’: Awards and Nominations

The response to ‘One’ has been mixed, but it has received significant recognition in the form of awards and nominations. The film has won 10 awards and received over 25 nominations. However, Ketan acknowledges that success should not be solely measured by the number of awards received. He emphasizes the joy he feels when his audience connects with the film and when he sees the positive impact it has on viewers. For Ketan, the personal growth and improvement he has experienced through the creation of ‘One’ hold more value than any trophy.

Promoting ‘One’: Simple Strategies and Unique Storytelling

When it comes to promoting his film, Ketan adopted a simple yet effective approach. He believed that simplicity and relatability would resonate with the audience. Additionally, he focused on creating a unique storyline that could be understood by viewers of all ages. Ketan also considered why ‘One’ was best suited as an animation film rather than a live-action production. Lastly, he incorporated elements of Indian culture to add an authentic touch to the film, setting it apart from others in the industry.

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  • Ketan Pal’s ‘One’ is an animated short film that inspires and motivates viewers. It carries a powerful message about the value of every individual, symbolized by a one rupee coin in a world dominated by higher-value currency. Ketan’s journey as an animator, the challenges he faced during production, and the unique elements that make ‘One’ special all contribute to its success. Through his storytelling, Ketan has created a film that resonates with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

    Whether you’re an animation enthusiast or simply seeking inspiration, ‘One’ is a must-watch for its touching narrative and beautiful animation. Join Ketan Pal on his artistic journey as he continues to captivate audiences with his relatable and engaging storytelling.